Sunday, December 18, 2016

Project Updates 2016-2017

In light of a few things going on in my life, namely my husband's mysterious foot injury, that has made a big impact on my home life. I've had to rearrange my coming releases and projects. Right now things are still insane for me, and the holidays are close but I have worked out a schedule to handle the increase in insanity.

My Pearl Heart
Under pen name Bailey York
This book will be releasing December 23, 2016.
Yes, it got pushed back and it will be my lasted published book for 2016.

Onward to the new year!
No firm date has been set, but it will be released toward the end of January. I could rush this book, but I want to take my time on this one. It means a great deal to me. So stay tuned for more updates. 

Inspired Demons
Silent Killers: Mental Health Awareness Anthology
The anthology is on track and ready for release January 3rd 2017

Birthday Luck
3Day Trilogy Book 1
Under pen name Bailey York
This is still scheduled for January 12th 2017

Slain Spirit
A dark fantasy novella
Still on track for February 14th 2017 release

Love's Reality
3Day Trilogy Book 2
Under pen name Bailey York
Also February 14th 2017
(Yep, trying my hand at a double release.)

Changing Fate
3Day Trilogy Book 3
Under pen name Bailey York
March 15th 2017

Other titles to look for in 2017
Dreamscape, JJ Morris #2

Depraved Alliance
The Opsona Journey Series Book 4

Divine Legacy
Vol 1 Blood Rivalry
A dark fantasy adventure series that will run on a special newsletter once a month starting the end of January. Sign up so you don't miss anything!


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