Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dreamscape, JJ Morris #2: Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

So the beginning of the year wasn't good, in fact it was awful. Illness left and right, computer problems, and family that just can't take a hint but now things are getting back on track. I'm making a lot of progress on Dreamscape, the 2nd JJ Morris book. Yep, Joey and Cameron are due to make a return, and I have a special treat for this snowy Tuesday.

The raw and unedited chapter 1 sneak-peek. If you want to read the whole chapter 1 head over to my Patreon and show your support to get access to the complete chapter 1. And if you haven't read the first book, please do!

Dreamscape, JJ Morris #2
Chapter 1 Sneak Peek
Gentle mist rolled and tumbled over glassy water that spilled onto the bank of a pond where little patches of grass sprang  from the mud. Blades that should have been dark green were instead colorless, the whole scene muted in hazy grays. A perfect captured moment from an old black and white movie... a horror movie.
Off in the distance a haunting echo of clock-hands ticking sounded, each second counted out in a faint tick...tock, but there was no clock in sight. 
Tick, tock... Tick, tock...
It echoed from every direction. From the left... tick. Then form the right... tock... tick... No, it was behind me. Time counting even and steady, but urgency crawled into my chest. My heart pounded with each clap of the clock-hands passing the next second away into the past. There was something I needed to do... Somewhere I needed to be.
Tick, tock...
The steady ripples of the water against a muddy bank turning into little waves that broke on the earth. Their gentle crashing a minor break in the sound of time racing away from me.
Tick, tock... Tick, tock.....
There, time is moving slower but still away from me—fading into the distance leaving me behind. I have to get there, where the time is going. I turned to face a new direction hoping beyond hope the echo is real and true. Time speeding away and stalling all at once. I can't see it but I feel it slipping away—sliding through my fingers like fine sand. As I turn the mist thickens into a seemingly solid wall of white smoke, the rough waves becoming violent as they crash hard against the shoreline.
The echoed hands fading, disappearing into the dense mist.
Do I dare a step?
Beyond this point is the unknown, a place I cannot see. Where feelings draw me along into untold dangers, and there is danger. I can hear the voices, the whispers of suffering among the white puffs of wispy fog. They start low—little pleas for help. People calling out in need.
With caution in my step I dip a foot into the white unknown, and the voices grow louder. A full foot in and they become unbearable static. An ear bleeding noise that causes me to clench my hands over my ears. I can't go any farther. 
It's too much!
The voices... the screams... the cries... The PAIN!
Tick... Tock...
Still I hear that phantom clock, time slowing. The hands not able to make their trip around obscured numbers.
Through the pain—the numbing noise of millions chattering away inside my head, the urgency grows. 
Tick. . . Tock. . . Tick. . . . . Toc—
That's it.
There's no more, I have reached the end but the voices don't stop. They still scream until the agony pulls me into the dark. Still in the blackness I suffer, the pain melting my brains into a puddle. Then... 
In a panicked gasp I wake coughing to catch my breath as I claw at my desk to get a grip.
What the hell was that?!
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