Friday, March 3, 2017

Unconventional Love by Casey Hagen

Unconventional Love
by Casey Hagen

What she wants . . .
Laura Adams never considered herself brave, especially after the motorcycle death of her husband left her a struggling, grieving, single mother. But two years later, and with a new career, Laura chances a better life for herself and her young son: a life-altering move to Mimosa Key. She hopes for an eventual relationship with a safe and stable man, but the last place she expects to find him is on the barstool next to her after her friend stands her up for their girls’ night out.

What he needs . . .
Jack Stephenson isn’t a man who runs away, but relocating to Mimosa Key to open a second branch of his business is a good reason to escape his haunted past and the three-decades-old mistake that burdens him. Grateful for the change of scenery, he takes a ride on his bike, stopping for a cold beer. He’s surprised by a pretty redhead, twenty years his junior, who catches his interest with the most intriguing line ever.

Taking a chance . . .
Despite their best intentions, and going against conventions, their growing attraction is unstoppable. As Jack’s past revisits him like a sucker punch, Laura fights falling for him, a man whose risk-taking threatens her newly constructed world. Jack realizes that earning forever with Laura means somehow forgiving himself for the past he cannot change and proving to Laura that if she’ll let him, he’ll be the solid rock she dreams of for herself and the boy he’s come to love as his own.

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