Wednesday, June 14, 2017

*Excerpt* Slain Spirit by J.N. Sheats

A Devil’s Butterfly Novella
How far would you go for the freedom to love? Would you become a devil’s personal mercenary?
Feingwir comes from a long line of nobility in the elfin courts. Her family is well regarded throughout the realms, but that does not stop tragedy. A month after her mother’s death, Feingwir is adducted from her bed in the middle of the night. After a terrifying ordeal she finds herself at “The Den”, a brothel for dark creatures.
Everyone employed at The Den is free to leave whenever they wish. If they're willing to chance the dangerous environment lurking outside the gates. Forced into a life of prostitution Feingwir gets by with two beliefs. That her father will find and save her, and the new found love of her life. But real unpaid love is forbidden at The Den.
The odds are against Feingwir, leaving an opening for a mysterious devil. His whispers come in her most dire of moments. He was there that first night she spent in The Den. Every moment she spends in her new hell he is there, promising her anything she desires... for a price.
This book is for an adult audience due to violence and adult themes.

First Night Captive
The tears wouldn't stop coming, they poured from my eyes even though the rest of my body felt dry and tortured. They streamed over swollen cheeks littered with bruises from violent strikes, making salty paths through the dirt that covered my face. Despite my beaten and worn condition the sobs refused to stop. They came on impulse because I lacked the strength to properly weep for my predicament. There I was, locked away in a cold dirt cell.
Hours before my life was completely different, surrounded by lavish silk sheets of creamy white. The sweet smell of fresh spring flowers flowing in my open window from the gardens below, and I was lost in the illusion that my worst days were behind me. I was wrong. This was the worst moment of my life.
Strange men stole me from my bed, threw me into this pit of a dungeon, and stripped my clothes. For hours they whipped me with a scrap of tattered leather until my flesh ripped as easily as my clothing. They rested by bruising my body with their meaty fists. They gave no reason for the assault, no words passed from their rotting mouths. Instead I was left to wonder over what crime I committed as I was beaten into submission and left alone in the dark. There was nothing here, no heat, no light. . . just the darkness, and the distant sound of dripping water.
Drip. . . drip. . . drip.
It’s rhythmic tempo soothing in the moment. The dripping water a consent in a world that had been torn out from under me. Why were the gods so cruel? What great sin did I commit to be reduced from a noble lady of the realm to this lonely shell of a creature curled into a weeping ball?
I drew tighter into a ball too afraid to move, because even the subtlest movement sent sharp pains coursing through me. My ribs were broken, my skin ripped and torn, every bit of me was physically broken, and this was only the first round. The large brute with the yellow teeth made sure I knew that before he left, promising more when him and his lengthy companion returned. An elf of my pure heritage are known for their resilient bodies and internal strength, along with a short regeneration period but I couldn't withstand much more.
Was I going to die here? Was that why they took me in the middle of the night?
No, that couldn’t be the case.
After my abduction we spent hours traveling on poorly maintained roads, they wouldn’t have gone to that trouble if I was simply going to end up a corpse. Then what did they want with me?
Find me father, I pleaded with the great gods pushing away my frantic quest for answers. None of it matters, all would be right again once my father found me.
"No one is coming, my dear."
A voice came from the shadows hauntingly calm and seducing as it slid over me like black satin. Had someone been there the whole time?
The only way into the cell was through a large rusted door that gave a horrid squeal every time it opened. I wouldn't have missed such an awful sounded. Whoever was out there hiding in the shadows of my prison had to have witnessed the violent beating... and what?
They simply stood there and watched?
It was a thought that boiled anger through my veins, what moral person would do something like that?
I pulled tighter into my fetal position and hid my head from view, fear becoming my new torment. Dark creatures lurked in this part of the world—dark and dangerous creatures I did not want to involve myself with.
"I’m not here to do you any harm,” he assured me. “I feel we can benefit from each other."
My every instinct screamed for caution, but my need to be free of this place had me lifting my head from its protective shelter. I stared into the darkness in the general direction of the person, and out of the black a pair of deep plum eyes pulsed with a strange glow.
“I can end your suffering. . . I can set you free of this place,” he promised. “For a price.”

More details about Slain Spirit coming soon, look for it this summer.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Slain Spirit
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