Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Elegant Carnage

Elegant Carnage
An J.N. Sheats short
She was beautiful but no one saw her darkness hidden behind those smoky eyes. A pair of full lips accented by lushes red with a curvy figure of someone barely a woman, and an elegance beyond her short lived years. It was all a performance to conceal the raw truth of reality—the ugliness lurking within an angel.

I knew her well—I know her. The princess who would become an evil queen, a youthful beauty that would grow into a twisted grace. A timeless example of humanity, the extravagance of cruel experience wrapped in lavish fabrics with raven locks and stark white fangs. Nothing more than a beast sleeping in a walking corpse waiting for its' chance to feast. No one saw the danger; no one suspected the chaos that slumbered beneath a still surface. Unknowing abusers fueling a sleeping carnage, they ravaged and molded a creature within a fire they could not control.

There is a girl, beautiful and refined, staring back in the mirror but no one knew the calamity to come. They didn't see the sinner in the saint, or the beast in the beauty. . . No one saw the real me.

© J.N. Sheats 2017