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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Romancing the Tropics


These five short tropical romances, spanning from 1901 to the present day, will put you in the mood for sunshine and love. 

Romancing the Tropics

Volume 2

with stories by Leah Miles, Sara J. Walker, Vanessa Victoria Kilmer, Erika Kilmer Freidly, L.J. Green

Genre: Sweet Romance Anthology 

These five short tropical romances, spanning from 1901 to the present day, will put you in the mood for sunshine and love. This collection offers sweet to edgy stories perfect for lazing on the beach or poolside.

Join these couples as they defy the conventions and expectations of their worlds to embrace love’s fullest connection with their happily ever after waiting to be discovered.

Here’s what's inside:

Not Another Jack by Leah Miles

Her final wedding gig takes an unexpected turn when a hunky Navy SEAL crashes the party, reigniting old flames and stirring new misunderstandings amidst the choppy seas of love.

The Gardener’s Secret by Sara J. Walker

In the tranquil beauty of the Keys, love and deception collide. Will their journey lead to healing or heartbreak?

Catch As Catch Can by Vanessa Victoria Kilmer

A private investigator is out to find an online hacker of billions of dollars. Will she catch the thief or find someone even more valuable on Grand Cayman Island?

R&R, and a Rescue by Erika Kilmer Freidly

A couple of soulmates travel to St. Thomas for a much-needed vacation. They get caught up in the theft of Blackbeard’s coin.

Where Trade Winds Meet by L.J. Green

T his story captures the blossoming connection between William and Muriel as they bond over their shared dreams of exploration and adventure, defying societal expectations and forging a deep, resolute bond in the vibrant setting of Key West, Florida in 1910.

Proceeds benefit the First Coast Romance Writers, an independent non-profit organization that helps writers hone their craft and expand their knowledge of the publishing industry.

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The authors participating in this anthology are members of First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW), and proceeds from this anthology benefit their organization. FCRW is a non-profit that welcomes both published and unpublished authors, as well as any individuals involved in writing and publishing. The chapter is dedicated to promoting excellence in romantic fiction through monthly meetings and workshops in a comfortable forum. They strive to help writers establish careers by providing innovative programs, networking opportunities and pertinent information on effective marketing techniques. Learn more about FCRW online at 

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Hunter Caine


 Treasure Hunter. Soldier of Fortune. Smuggler.  

The Amazing Adventures of Hunter Caine, Soldier of Fortune

Volumes 1-3

by JP Vile

Genre: Supernatural Sci-Fi Action Thriller

 I’m Hunter Caine.
Treasure Hunter. Soldier of Fortune. Smuggler.
I’m kind of a bad bitch, you might say.
I do what the chicken shit Corporation, or the Holier-than-thou Collective are afraid to do.
What they don’t want to do.
And I do it anywhere.
When shit gets ugly, and things need doin’, I get it done.
I don’t play favorites. Strictly Freelance.
But, I do it all.
And more.

You want something done? Something dirty? Something dangerous?

Something distasteful?
Call Hunter. You got the cash. I got the flash.”

Order your copy and join in on the thrilling sci-fi action, today!

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JP Vile is a devious introvert that scribes works of fiction for people that like action. Pulp fiction that is – the kind of fiction that gets your blood boiling and keeps you flipping pages like tomorrow may never come.

JP has been a soldier, a wrangler, a financial advisor, a professor and a professional eater of oatmeal cookies, all of which contribute to a well-rounded attachment to chaos. Most importantly, JP’s family is an eccentric group of lovable maniacs who all harbor an unhealthy commitment to raising their small dog, Shadow (who may or may not be a Martian infiltrator).

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*Sales Blitz & Giveaway* The John Callahan Series


Father Callahan is forced back into dangerous filth, corruption, and crime. Can he remain a celibate priest, or will he abandon the life of faith for more sensual pleasures? Will he stay a good man or return to the dark criminal life he once knew so well?" 

At Home Among Sinners

The John Callahan Series Book 1

by Elizabeth Upton

Genre: Romantic Mystery Thriller 

John Callahan is a good man with a bad past — and his past will not let him live in peace.
Against the odds, he matures from a teenage Belfast street thug and an IRA killer to a happily married man and expectant father. Then fate snatches away his wife, his unborn child—and his world—in the flash of a tragic accident for which he feels responsible. Years later, just as he begins to find peace and serenity again as a monk in a rural Irish monastery, a vindictive superior banishes the handsome young priest to a derelict parish in New York City.

Ripped away from his quiet, cloistered life, Father Callahan is plunged back into a dangerous cacophony of filth, corruption and crime. Will he remain a celibate priest or will he abandon the life of faith for more sensual pleasures? Will he remain a good man or return to the dark criminal life he once knew so well?

In this exciting, insightful novel, Elizabeth Upton puts readers inside the mind of a passionate, wounded and angry young priest as he struggles to live in a state of grace among new friends and enemies in a foreign land.

**On Sale Now for Only .99cents!**

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The Web of Darkness and Light

The John Callahan Series Book 2

Demons never tire. Like the banshees of Irish legend, they cling to John Callahan and fill his heart with wails of despair.

No matter how John tries to live an exemplary life, the former IRA killer is haunted by the memories of the horrors he has suffered — and those he has inflicted in return. Not the monastic life, not the vows of the priesthood, not the move from Ireland to New York City has brought him peace.

In this second gripping novel in the series by Elizabeth Upton, John Callahan has resigned from the priesthood in the hope of living a simpler life as a professor at New York University. However, his promise to a distraught colleague — who soon turns up dead — plunges him into another mystery alongside his friend Ronald Casey, a detective with the NYPD. Who would want to kill a professor of neuroscience? What could be contained in the briefcase she has guarded, quite literally, with her life?

It begins to be clear that Dr. Shannon Grey Feather had discovered a cure for addiction and several complex brain disorders. That is a medical breakthrough worth millions — and one worth killing over. Once again confronted by murder's cruelty and life's injustices, Callahan must find a killer while coming to terms with his criminal past. He longs for true peace and genuine love, but before he can hope for a bright future, he must revisit his dark past — where the looming demons dwell.

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Lovers’ Secrets and Revenge

The John Callahan Series Book 3

How much does family matter? And what if there are unknown details about them?

John Callahan visits his beloved grandmother, Annabelle, at her 500-acre estate in Ireland. The peaceful countryside is beautiful, with lush hills that overlook the coastline, so different from Callahan’s home in New York City. After Annabelle dies, Callahan discovers that she’s left everything to him. However, there are some challenges with the staff, where secrets abound, including murder and heightened security on the estate that can’t seem to control the chaos that is happening.

Callahan is perplexed, wanting to solve the murder, understand the workings of the estate, and also longing for a relationship that would create a happy home. He meets Sara, the woman in charge of the horses at the estate, and longs to be with her. Throughout the busy days of work, travel, and wondering if he’s in love, John remembers Annabelle’s words. “Whenever you need my help, rub this precious jewel for consolation, wisdom, and protection. Call me when needed, dearest Johnnie, and I shall come to you.”

Learn how Callahan meets the challenges of revenge, murder, and love to discover the true meaning of friends and family.

**On Sale Now for Only .99cents!**

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Elizabeth Upton is a best-selling author and influential writer of gripping romantic thrillers and inspiring self-help motivational nonfiction books.

Her best-selling books, 'Secrets of a Nun: My Own Story,' 'The Silver Woman of Fire' and 'The Healing Swords of Love and Innocence' helped set her firmly within the world's literary map. With many novels to her credit, like her newest fiction book, released in June 2022, titled 'Lovers' Secrets and Revenge,' a gripping romantic thriller, and her new nonfiction release in Feb. 2024, titled 'You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace: Embrace Your Journey.'

The Author's favorite book she enjoyed writing was 'The Shaman and The Mafia,' as she shares, "The creation of this story has been an exciting journey. I would love to meet all of the characters in this book in real life." Elizabeth's nonfiction books and novels are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle and are featured on fine literary book sites and magazines.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., until the age of sixteen, when she entered a New York State Convent and became a nun for twenty years, but she yearned for a more authentic spiritual life. Elizabeth left the convent and chose to attend and receive her B.A. from Syracuse University.

Returning to her native state of California, she attended and received her M.A. in psychology from Chapman University. The Author began working for over thirty years in family counseling as a social worker and probation officer working with troubled teens and abused children. She is a speaker, spiritual mentor, and advisor.

Elizabeth is happily married and enjoys writing books for her reader fans around the world. When the Author is not writing, she works out with a personal trainer to stay fit and healthy; she loves long walks on the beach with her husband and dog. She enjoys reading good books by some of her favorite authors like Geraldine Brooks, Hanh, Jerry Archer, Joseph Murphy, and Michael Connelly.

Elizabeth and her husband reside outside the area of Santa Barbara, California.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Scribe of Destiny-GUEST POST


Say Hello to Fantasy's Most Reluctant Hero 

Scribe of Destiny

by Paul Barrett & Steve Murphy

Genre: Fantasy Comedy 

Briar, son of Patch, is perfectly happy working as a low-level scribe for the Church of Ubel, spending his off time painting seascapes, walking on the beach, and being alive.

That last one is put in imminent danger when the Church hierarchy determines the god Ubel has gone insane. A delegation is gathered to journey to the Oracle of Hiephi so they can learn what must be done to cure the psychopathic deity. Briar, very much against his will, must accompany the group, ostensibly to chronicle the journey for inclusion in the official Church archives.

During their adventures, horrific visions of an angry, scowling teenager plague Briar, and he soon learns there is a deeper, darker reason behind his inclusion in this insanely dangerous quest.

Facing the likes of bloodthirsty pirates, a bloodthirstier gnome talent agent, and The Slobbering Hound of Chaos, Briar slowly, and oh so unwillingly, learns his place in the world. He might even manage to become a hero. If he survives.

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Steve Murphy has spent much of his life in uniform, starting with four years in the Navy,

then a stint in the Army National Guard, followed by 23 years as a police officer, 9 of those as a SWAT sniper.

So naturally, he writes science fiction, fantasy, and space opera. This is his third novel, with several more in the works with Paul. In addition to writing, Steve has also worked as a consultant and set decorator for the film industry. Steve is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, backpacking, whitewater, sailing and motorcycle riding. The father of two boys, now grown men, Steve lives somewhere in North Carolina with his wife and two dogs.

Paul Barrett has had

Paul Barrett has had multiple careers, including rock and roll roadie, theater stage manager, mortgage banker, and support specialist for Microsoft Excel.

This eclectic mix allowed him to go into his true love: motion picture production. He has produced two feature films (Cold Storage and Night Feeders) and two documentaries (The Final Gift, In the Footsteps of Elie Wiesel.) When not producing films, he works

as a script supervisor or props assistant. Amidst all this, Paul worked on his writing. This is his fifth novel, with more on the way. Paul is an avid board gamer, miniatures painter, movie enthusiast, and all-around nerd.

Paul lives in North Carolina with his graphic designer husband and four furry overlords, aka cats.

Paul and Steve have been friends since 1980, enduring the rough and tumble of life through thick and thin.ince 1980,

Website * Facebook * Instagram * Bookbub * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads * Goodreads

What’s coming from the twisted minds of Paul
Barrett and Steve Murphy 

So now that Scribe of Destiny is out in the world, that same world is clamoring to know
what else is in the feverish brain pans of Paul and Steve that they are going to unleash. 
There are several things in the works from our new favorite writing duo. First up will
most likely be a little one-off story that doesn’t have a title yet but can best be described
as a “pseudo-LitRPG experiment.” It will be their first self-published novel and is
currently in final edits.
Next is Knight Gambit (working title), the third book in their space opera series, The
Knights of the Flaming Star, available from Falstaff Books on Amazon. Paul is also
finishing up A Scream of Destruction, the last book in his solo Necromancer Saga
Looking further afield, they are halfway through the second book in the Spade Case
Files with an outline for the remainder. They are also in the beginning stages of their
“epic fantasy” trilogy, because of course they are. 
There are plenty of other ideas floating in their diseased craniums. So, you are going to
see them around for a long time.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Be Your Own Rock


 The proven way to strengthen your mind and build the power to overcome anything.  

Be Your Own Rock:

The proven way to strengthen your mind and build the power to overcome anything

by Sagar Constantin

Genre: Self-Help, Personal Growth

 In a world that's constantly evolving, the one certainty is change. Yet, navigating life's transitions can often feel overwhelming, leaving us uncertain and apprehensive about the future. Be Your Own Rock is more than just a book; it's a journey of transformation, a guiding light for people who seek to find strength in difficult times, challenges, and change rather than fear it.

Crafted with profound insights and real-life stories, this book delves deep into the heart of change and transitions. It's not just about coping; it's about thriving. It's about understanding the intricate dance of emotions, fears, and aspirations that accompany every transition in life. Whether it's a career shift, a personal transformation, or an unexpected twist in your life story, Be Your Own Rock offers you the tools, wisdom, and courage to navigate your path with confidence and grace.

Join us on this empowering journey. Reclaim your narrative, harness your inner resilience, and turn the page to a new chapter where you can stand firm as a rock and welcome the opportunity for growth, learning, and self-discovery.

Because when you embrace change, you don't just adapt; you soar.

Includes access to:

*Personality type test

*Online ‘find your core values’ course

*58 page workbook

**On Sale for Only 2.99 June 24–30!!**

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Sagar Constantin stands as a luminary in the literary and business worlds, renowned for her extensive portfolio of both fiction and non-fiction works. As a bestselling Scandinavian author of eight books, Sagar skillfully bridges the realms of imaginative storytelling and practical self-improvement, ensuring her readers are both captivated and inspired. Her narrative prowess brings complex psychological and personal development concepts to life, making them accessible and engaging for a diverse audience.

Her non-fiction works delve deeply into personal growth and transformative leadership, equipping readers with the tools to navigate change and harness their potential. In contrast, her fiction books offer a rich tapestry of characters and plots that resonate with readers on a profound emotional level, reflecting her deep understanding of human psychology.

In pursuit of further academic excellence, Sagar is currently writing a PhD in Transformative Business Leadership, aiming to revolutionize how we think about and enact leadership in modern enterprises. This scholarly work complements her speaking engagements, where she shares her insights with thousands annually, including prestigious firms and organizations like LEGO, Fujitsu, and Novo Nordisk.

Residing in Denmark but traveling globally for work, Sagar finds balance and inspiration in nature walks, sports, and quality time with her family, continually drawing on these experiences to enrich her writing and teachings.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Stone of Fear


She’d give everything to keep his love. He’d chase her through time to save her soul. 

Stone of Fear

Stones of Iona Book 2

by Margaret Izard

Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal Romance 

She’d give everything to keep his love. He’d chase her through time to save her soul.

Marie Murray, a spunky expert on spiritual buildings, jumps at the opportunity to renovate the chapel mosaic floor at Dunstaffnage Castle, where she falls hard for the dashing John MacArthur. From their first kiss, sparks fly.

Believing her religious renovation creates magic, a fanatical priest kidnaps Marie. Obsessed with obtaining a powerful magic Stone of Iona, he drags her to 15th-century Scotland.

With his love kidnapped, John must tackle his hereditary duty and locate a magic Fae stone while chasing his love across time. Her memories of their passion keep her sane. His fuel his will to find her.

Will John get to Marie in time to save her soul?

What readers are saying:

Author Margaret Izard has done it again! With a prevalent theme of true eternal love that spans centuries, she will take you on a breathtaking adventure in Stone of Fear.

-Ronél Steyn 5-Stars Reader's Favorite

The world-building, setting, characterization, plot progression, and emotional narration blend to create a sweeping time travel romance. Every nuance is described so the reader feels like they are a part of the story. Breathtaking.

- N.N. Light 5 + Star Review!

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Stone of Love

Stones of Iona Book 1

Against all odds, is true love strong enough to save a human soul?

After leaving her abusive ex, American scholar Brielle DeVolt embarks on a career-changing opportunity, the renovation of Laird Colin MacDougall’s Chapel ruin. The attractive, broad-shouldered Laird leaves her weak-kneed, but can she trust herself to love again?

Dusted in construction dirt, the curvy beauty in his study captivates Colin. As Brielle steps to the window, her brunette tresses halo in the sunlight, and he sees her as his dream soul mate. When he learns his hereditary duty is safeguarding magic Fae stones, all he wants is to protect Brielle from the evil forces of the Fae.

Traveling to the past to assume his forefather’s identity and find a missing magic stone is challenging enough. When Brielle appears, an undeniable attraction to his ancestor ignites, causing her confused passion. Faced with fighting an evil Fae to save the realms, Colin must choose between saving the stone or saving his love.

What readers are saying:

It's a mesmerizing dance of passion and mystery, making it a must-read for anyone who craves a love story with a touch of enchantment. Literary Titan, 5 Stars, Gold Award Winner

The immersive narration is sweeping and filled with emotion. Outlander readers will clamor for more of Margaret’s books. N.N.Light 5++ Stars

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Margaret Izard is an award-winning author of historical fantasy and paranormal romance novels. She spent her early years through college to adulthood dedicated to dance, theater, and performing. Over the years, she developed a love for great storytelling in different mediums. She does not waste a good story, be it movement, the spoken, or the written word. She discovered historical romance novels in middle school, which combined her passion for romance, drama, and fantasy. She writes exciting plot lines, steamy love scenes and always falls for a strong male with a soft heart. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and adult triplets and loves to hear from readers.

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