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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Bane of Tenebris by Blaise Ramsay-GUEST POST

Bane of Tenebris
Wolfgods Book 2
by Blaise Ramsay
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Alexander Kain has been through hell. For centuries, torture, bloodshed, war and living in the shadow of a powerful father have haunted his every dream. Born to die in the place of another due to an ancient pact, he has resigned himself to isolation to wait for death's sweet embrace. Everything changes when a young woman - a hybrid; both vampire and lycan - arrives beaten and left for dead at his doorstep.He couldn't have known that saving her would lead him down a twisting, winding road. One filled with old rivals longing to settle a score, former lovers of a bygone, taboo past or an unlikely alliance with the monsters he fought during centuries of war. The dark god who tortured Kain disappears, his methods and plans unsettling. He must come to grips when his past if he is to survive. However, unlike the loneliness he once knew, Kain falls in love with the woman he found naked in the woods.A love that just might be what he needs to put the ghosts of his past to rest.

Blessing of Luna
Wolfgods Book 1


I've been searching for you for centuries.
You disappeared, leaving me alone
Then I found you yet you didn't remember me.
Do I dare to drag back into this world of darkness?
Do I dare risk losing you again?
I can't ignore what I'm feeling
My strong primal pull
Forgive me but I don't want to let you go


Time seemed to freeze the moment I saw you
The world around me disappeared
Your hair, black as night shone like raven feather in the sun
Your frozen green eyes tore my breath away
I had to get to know you
Something about you seemed so inhuman
I let you drag me into your darkness
Yet I know, I didn't want to let you go

For fans of Underworld, Resident Evil and strong female characters who love hot romantic scenes, sexy wolf shifters and a plot twist guaranteed to leave you asking "What the fang?"

FyreSyde Publishing owner and founder Blaise Ramsay worked over fifteen years in the graphic design industry, with some experience in indie gaming. Recently she shifted her attention to the world of literature with her debut paranormal romance series, Wolf gods. The debut title, Blessing of Luna is released in 2018 and Bane of Tenebris released in August 2019 . She currently lives in North Texas with her two children, her husband and pets. A UTD graduate with a Bachelor's in History with an intention on teaching, Blaise decided that the world of teaching just wasn't for her. A stay at home mother of two, business owner and self-publisher, Blaise loves to meet new people and encourage others to follow their dreams through weekly posts to her instagram, twitter, facebook and blog.

Q. Do you see writing as a career?
A. Actually, I don’t do much writing nowadays. Since opening FyreSyde to accepting submissions, I have been doing more on the publishing and marketing side than writing. I am however, a professional ghostwriter going on almost two years now so I guess you could say writing is my career. As a stay at home mom of two, FyreSyde and freelancing are my full-time jobs so, as I said, it really already is my career.

Q. What makes a good story?
A. I will answer this one as a publisher. At FyreSyde we believe taking an existing trope and twisting it into something new until it screams is vital to a unique story. So often we see the same story over and over with characters who are copies or under-developed. What we look for is a character or characters that are flawed, who struggle just like everyday people. Even rich bad boys have something they’re struggling with but we rarely see this in today’s manuscripts. We look for unique stories, even if it’s a retelling of an old fairytale. It saddens me to see authors relying on what’s popular just to make sales. Ultimately, their stories suffer and wind up reading like something already mass produced. There is nothing wrong with writing a trope since being original is becoming more difficult. What makes a master storyteller is taking these tropes, turning it into something new and then re-turning it into something familiar.

Q. What do you think about the current publishing market?
A. This can be a tender subject but I always like to address it because it needs to be addressed. What I will say is not unique to just writing but to the creative industry as a whole. All creative industries are saturated. Every industry is saturated. I come from the conceptual art and character design industry so I know what I’m talking about. I am disappointed with the “self-publishing” and “Indie Publishing” industry. I think it has become too easy for authors to avoid crucial steps in the publishing process such as editing and professional formatting. As an Indie myself, I know what it feels like to want to share your book with the world but it doesn’t seem to be just that anymore. Too many authors scramble to become the “next Stephen King” or the “next J.K Rowling.” Here is the hard truth: You will not be the next King or Rowling. An author shouldn’t want to be. It removes their uniqueness and what makes them who they are. We received five movie deal offers on Blessing of Luna and declined every one. It shouldn’t be about movie deals, it should be about you, your stories and your characters. Another hard truth: It is becoming harder for Indies to gain a foothold in media of any kind. Doors once open are closed to enforce quality control and to keep authors from bragging about their book. I have seen many bloggers who refuse to review “self” and “indie” published books. To prove what I’m saying, one merely has to view Amazon and its new review policies. They are tightening quality control, deleting reviews and eBooks. There is good news though. Every industry goes through these trials. The ones who have true grit and passion will last, those who don’t have passion, lack discipline and refuse to see publishing as a business will fall by the wayside.

Q. Advice they would give new authors?
A. I would give only three key pieces of advice: 1) Slow Down. This is not a sprint, it is indeed a marathon. Your first book might not be your best-seller. It might not land you on television or in the theatres. Build your platform first and focus on building a rapport with people. 2) Don’t desire to be the “next” anything. Odds are you didn’t choose to write to be a Rowling clone. Odds are you did it because you had a story to tell. Focus on that! You will hear “this is a numbers” game but the truth is, it’s not. In any creative industry, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time but don’t dwell on this. Write and publish because you want to. Do it because you love to. 3) Grow Thick Skin now. A carnal problem right now (and I say this because I am a book reviewer) is authors complaining about not receiving favorable reviews. We are not going to love every book you publish and that’s okay. Just as an author has their favorite books, so too do reviewers. A tip: There is nothing wrong with un-publishing your book, re-working it and re-publishing it. How many authors in the industry have released “updated editions” of their titles. There is no shame in it and can ultimately lead to a stronger story. Most of all though, never give up. This takes work – a ton of it. You will have to market, you will have to re-write and you will get rejected. Prepare yourself if you traditionally publish. Your publisher can only do so much as they are on a budget per title as well.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Ancient Script of Lovecontu Audio Poem

Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
by Kaitlynzq
Genre: Audio Poetry

An audio recording of a poem as recorded within the story of Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem, please select this link

an audio that holds a special extension of an integral stream

“...In her own voice, the author treats us to a whimsical, yet pleasing poem that speaks on our emotional needs. The need and desire we all have to feel loved, wanted, valued and not lonely...Kaitlynzq’s voice caresses you deeper into her web with exquisite details of what our heroine experiences...I found myself listening to this on repeat... by Kay with KayBee’s Bookshelf

Available at

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To hear more about the author Kaitlynzq

*Book Freebie* Redemption Part One by Kate Benson

Title: Redemption Part One          
Author: Kate Benson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Editor: Chasing Sophie Publications
Cover Designer: Dana Leah at Designs by Dana
*This book contains content intended for mature readers*
After a humiliating breakup, I’m not afraid to admit my personal life has taken one hell of a hit. I’ve allowed myself time to lick my wounds and I’m not only confident my nights alone on the couch are numbered, I’ve got a solid plan for the first time in months.
Focus on work, don’t worry about the rest.
The last thing I need in my life right now is another complication.
I’ve convinced myself it’s a flawless plan.
I just have to stay off Adam Avery’s radar and I’ll be fine.
Now that I’ve met him, I’m not sure I want to be anywhere else.
I’ve been my father’s best kept dirty secret for more than three decades.
When my uncle, the CEO of Avery Finance, is forced into early retirement, he appoints me as his unlikely successor and the media goes into a frenzy.
For an admitted recluse, it’s definitely a challenge, but I’ve never shied away from those before.
I just need to stay focused, in control and avoid distraction.
Unfortunately, Isabella Baxter might be the one distraction I can’t resist.
Redemption is a multi-pov spin-off from The Promise Series previously published in The Vault: A Sinfully Sexy Collection.
Kate Benson was raised in Texas and currently resides in central Florida with her husband and their growing army of fur minions.
She learned to read at the age of four and has been hooked ever since. She credits her passion for literature to her mother, her love of story-telling to her father and her unwavering faith in happily-ever-after’s to her husband, Sean.
Some of her favorite things include rainy days, loud music, superhero movies, hot tea and of course, lazy afternoons with a great book.
To find out more about Kate, her work or to just say hello, she loves hearing from her readers and can be found on social media.
Author Links:
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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Claiming Ana by Brynna Curry

Claiming Ana
Triple Star Ranch Book 1
by Brynna Curry
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

In the bible belt of the Deep South, small-town veterinarian Anastasia Brannon hides her magic from all but those closest to her for fear of ridicule. After a red-hot encounter with the new PI in town, it is impossible to deny their attraction. Throwing caution to the wind, she indulges her desires but keeps her secrets close.

A man with secrets of his own, Howl Raven uses his feral talents and tracking skills to make a living, doing his best to lay low and hide the curse that haunts him every month. So far, so good...until an uncontrollable shift outside the full moon leaves him the victim of a werewolf hunter.

When Ana finds him wounded in the woods near her cabin during a storm, she has no choice but to rely on her magic and out her secret to Howl. Racing against time, a werewolf hunter, and nature itself, Ana may be the only one who can banish the wolf from Howl’s blood, but at what cost?

Author's Note: This book is a previously released prequel which has been extensively revised to include bonus content and a preview of Tempting Taylor. While it does have a fast HEA for Howl and Ana, the arcing storyline of Sam Murphy’s murder is left unresolved to be continued in the remaining books.

Brynna Curry was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line in a small Alabama town. Growing up, books fueled her dreams and imagination, ultimately became her sanctuary during the hardest times in her life. After living all over the southern states, she finally landed back in north Alabama where she met her husband, Jackie. She spent a wonderful twenty-two years with her hero, raising their three children.
Now widowed, she spends her free time writing and tending her ‘army’ of feral cats and rescued strays. Her furry minions, Jace, Styxx, Beerus, and Asheron, are always willing to keep her company while she works. She insists love is the truest magic and with it, every day is an adventure.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Fantasy Man by Jean-Michel Desire

Fantasy Man
by Jean-Michel Desire
Genre: Fantasy 

The world nations are suddenly faced with terrorism in an unprecedented simultaneous attack worldwide. An urgent secret meeting is held with religious and political authorities of all nations to discuss the ensuing message from a ghostly character by the name of Fantasy Man, who not only claims full responsibility, but challenges all with a precise ultimatum. General Timothy Powell is assigned to the leadership of the taskforce with mission to find and stop Fantasy Man, but this assignment could not come at a worse time for the General who faces some very personal and delicate problems.
A British archeologist sets up an elaborate scheme to select a group of civilians to accompany him through a paranormal adventure never before attempted, an adventure that he has nicknamed ‘The war to end all wars’. Fascinated at the prospects of this paranormal adventure, the civilians will soon find themselves in a web of deceit while truly embarking in the unknown world of the supernatural. By the time the hidden agenda of the archeologist is understood, deepest and darkest secrets will have been revealed and only friendship and love will provide a slim chance for the civilians to come out alive. But who has deceived who?
A mastermind engineer disillusioned with the lethargy and inertia of the corporate world seizes an unexpected opportunity to start his own business, an entertainment outfit unlike any other. How could he possibly have known that he would become entangled with the taskforce against Fantasy Man?
Racing around the globe as well as around the clock to piece the challenging puzzle laid out by Fantasy Man will prove to be a quasi-impossible task for the authorities... until fate does what it does best, bringing together the most unlikely group of people to solve the riddle. But Fantasy Man had one last defiant act up his sleeve, another simultaneous worldwide show of force with a fatal outcome...
What would you do faced with the enormity of Fantasy Man’s challenge and a deadline to stop him?
If you were selected for the archeologist’s paranormal adventure, would you willingly take on the challenge of ‘war to end all wars’?
Would you give up your dream of a highly successful self-made career in the entertainment domain, to save the world, or simply to ease the burden of a troubled soul?

Fantasy Man will change your world forever, if you dare take his challenge... 

Jean-Michel Désiré was born on the magnificent tropical island of Mauritius, where he completed his primary and secondary studies in compulsory bilingual French and English languages. An acute love of reading combined with a great interest in art (drawing and painting) pushed Jean-Michel from a young age to want to write his own comic books, but a lack of opportunity blocked his efforts. It was this same lack of opportunity of the time that triggered a need to perform further studies. At age 22, Jean-Michel left Mauritius for North London, England, where he completed a bachelor of Engineering in Electronics followed by a Master of Philosophy in Microelectronics.
While concluding his Master’s degree, Jean-Michel met the lady who became his wife a year later, year during which they also moved to Montreal Canada where Jean-Michel had been offered an engineering position in the Aerospace industry. Life had its own agenda, and within the first eighteen months, their daughter was born in the middle of a snow storm in Montreal. Six years later, their son came into the world and the obvious demands of family life became the main priorities.
During the winter of 2008, Jean-Michel slipped on the ice during a storm and fractured his ankle in multiple locations. Recovering at home after surgery, Jean-Michel decided that the time had come to revive his passion for writing. Within two years, his first book ‘The Storyteller’s Nights’ was published. The positive feedback from readers fueled Jean-Michel to exploit his bilingualism and he translated the story into French, ‘Les Nuits du Conteur’ being published in 2015. He then felt the wind in his sails and published ‘Fantasy Man’ in 2017, and recently, ‘Revanche (Revenge)’ (the follow-up to ‘Les Nuits du Conteur’) in 2019. ‘Fantasy Man’ is presently nominated for an award, top ten finalist to be announced on 22 August 2019. He has just completed the first draft to his next English book, entitled ‘The Miracle Ladies’, which he plans to send to the publisher within the next few months, after the essential rounds of self-editing.
Engineer by day, writer by night, Jean-Michel plans to keep letting his imagination go wild while capturing it all on paper. Surrounded by a great family, he plans to write a whole lot more. When he is not writing, he spends quality time with his family and travels yearly back to Mauritius to visit his Mom and brothers.

Who is your hero and why?

I have many heroes, and each of them has at some point in time fueled my passions. It all started with the fictitious character ‘Tintin’. This character made a great statement of always fighting the good fight, every moment of every day. I was even more fascinated when decades later, I found out that he was the character that inspired the first Indiana Jones movie, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

My next hero was (and still is to this day) Jackie Chan. I was a teenager in Mauritius when his movie ‘The Big Brawl’ came to the big screen. It was one of these rather rare occasions when a movie theater packed with people found applause at the end of the movie. I was stunned when I recently read Jackie Chan’s autobiography ‘Never grow up’, that the movie was an actual flop. I kept watching as many Jackie Chan movies as they came out while my life went on, and upon reading ‘Never grow up’ recently, I realized that the main things that this actor taught me were to always see the funny side of anything, and that only hard work pays off, if one is willing to accept that everything has a price. In Jackie’s case, what at the time of watching his movies came out as total devotion to practicing martial arts, only recently also showed how high the price of his success is… (I won’t spoil it and those who are truly interested will read the book).

Another hero is Ritchie Blackmore, lead guitarist of the seventies hard rock band ‘Deep Purple’. He portrayed another who worked very hard at achieving perfection. You will by now have figured out that I too tried my luck at becoming a good guitar player. I never got there, although I did have some wild times with a band named ‘Beware’ and the couple of gigs we did in a bar. To this day, some of ‘Deep Purple’s’ music brings a smile and excitement. Blackmore and the band were pioneers who in my view, changed music more than Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. If there ever is an autobiography of ‘Ritchie Blackmore’, I will certainly read it. I’ve heard bits and pieces of side stories that he was also a psychic, and that’s an aspect that has a lot of interest from me.

Finally (I could likely find more heroes but for the purpose of this blog, I believe this is enough), there’s the man who made the world’s best guitarist for many years in a row, Yngwie Malmsteem. What Ritchie Blackmore had pioneered into great music, Yngwie turned into a science so precise that it will always be to me an enigma. Again, some of Yngwie’s music still gets me jumping up and down in joy and whenever I feel sad or down, his music will bring me back up in no time.

What kind of world ruler would you be?

I would be a pretty lousy ruler, because I’ve understood that no one can please everyone. As such, a ruler whose prime directive is to treat everyone fairly, is doomed to failure by the mere nature of our humanity, whereby the grass is always greener next door. Yet, our society is set-up in such a way that we do need rulers. I can only conclude that the good ones are few and far in between.

What are you passionate about these days?

This is a damn good question and I truly don’t know if I can answer meaningfully. There are so many great things in my life: fantastic family, near and far, interesting and challenging engineering job, great fun writing books and letting my imagination go wild, wild, wild… I will thus risk saying that I am passionate about hopefully being able to inspire people the way I have been and still am inspired by the heroes that I’ve mentioned, answering a previous question.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

During the short Canadian summers, I enjoy the pool, reading books that I feel drawn to, drinking good beer, great whisky and the absolute fantastic company of family. The rest of the time will still include the books, the good beer, the great whisky and the company of family, but this is when I also catch up on movies and TV series. The winter months also include some short periods of solitude where I try to focus and put order in my priorities for the coming months, generally aiming for the coming twelve months (one year).

How to find time to write as a parent?

It definitely was not really possible when my kids were growing up. Ensuring school work was done and simple house chores were executed as part of life training took a lot of energy, not to mention the challenges of teenage-hood and potential bad friends in some instances. Luckily, anther blessing in my life, this time has passed. My kids are now wonderful young adults who are tackling their own life challenges and struggles, but who find the time to come back to the nest and seek encouragement from time to time.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

Idealistic fool!

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

From a young age, possibly at around twelve years old. Consideration become reality at age 50.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Wooohooo! Another difficult question since there are many movies that have inspired me, making it difficult to choose one as an absolute favorite of all times. But to answer the question, I’ll risk ‘The Ten Commandments’ (the original movie by Cecil B de Mille and starring Charlton Heston). Other unforgettable movies are ‘V’, ‘Close Encounters’, ‘Aliens’ (2nd movie in the long list) and a few others.

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?

Well, it seems that there are no coincidences in this world. ‘The Storyteller’s Nights’ was self-published, an approach that I have come to regret in time. But I was too excited to be patient… In fact, I will explore possibilities of getting a second edition properly published in the near future. However, to my pleasant surprise, there was some interest from ‘Principal Entertainment’ and there was even a script prepared. But I did not like the way the script digressed from the book’s storyline. I understood the frustration that other authors that have their books turned into movies may experience, especially after reading and watching ‘Angels and Demons’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and others. I can certainly imagine ‘Fantasy Man’ also being made into a movie.

What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?

I’m not sure how to answer this question. Let’s just say that ever since I’ve joined Goodreads, I set myself a challenge of reading at least twelve books during any given year. When matter go well, I have reached over eighteen books in on year. The choice of books will vary between action/adventure, Thriller, Fantasy and Spiritual Books. On occasion, I will venture into a different genre.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

The Gorilla, or the Black Panther.
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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Wild Magic Series by Eileen Troemel-GUEST POST

Wild Magic
Wild Magic Series Book 1
by Eileen Troemel
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy 

Mallory’s magi gifts send her north into the province where almost all the magi were killed. If anyone discovers she is a magi, her life is in peril. But she must go where her gifts send her. A boy needs her help or he will die.

Leland, Pintra, Faolan, Jadan, Ovra, and Erga travel from Scons province to Lins to seek a magi master. In a small village Jadan gets separated and is accused of theft. Without Mallory’s help, the angry mob will kill him. Mallory steps in, uses her gifts to save him but exposes herself as a magi.

The seven escape the angry village and hide out in caves. When Jadan’s injuries turn deadly, Mallory is forced to use her gifts, exposing herself to the group of strangers she doesn’t trust. Is she the magi master they’ve been looking for or will they turn her in for the bounty?

Hostile Magic
Wild Magic Series Book 2

Tensions rise between the leaders of Linos and Scons. Linos increases their soldiers at the border. War looms on the horizon.

Refugees flee from hunters into Scons. Garlen wants to protect them but prophecy warns of danger and betrayal.

Garlen sets aside his lingering distrust of magic and Mallory to protect his new daughter, Arial and his province.

Family - is it those you’re born to or those you love? Mallory meets her blood family. Anger clouds her judgement. Will her emotions cause harm to the family of her heart? 

From poetry to novel, I enjoy telling a good story or expressing a heartfelt emotion. I've been published in Circle Magazine, The American Tarot Association's Quarterly Journal, What's Cooking America, Children, Churches and Daddies, placed second in Words of Women 2010 Writing Contest, 2012 Daily Flash, and The Deadman's Tome. I have a bachelor's degree in business and a second bachelor's degree in English Professional Writing and Book Editing. On the side, I have a small editing business. In addition to my work, I love to read, crochet, crafting, research genealogy, and spend time with family. I have three adult daughters and have been married to my husband for over 30 years. I'm the proud grandma of three fur babies - my daughters' cats.

How to find time to write as a parent?
I went back to writing when my kids were older. I basically told them, I’m writing don’t bug me unless the house in on fire and I need to evacuate.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!
Strong, passionate, tenacious, loving, odd

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I think I’ve always considered myself a writer. When I wasn’t writing, I was on a break. It became part of my self-description when I started back writing in my late 30s.

Do you have a favorite movie?
Nope – like books I can’t tell you a favorite. There are too many. I love a good story and one that comes with pictures (especially moving ones) is the best!

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?
My Wayfarer series would make a great series or series of movies. I could see each book as a season. Draconian Peace would make a great movie – there’s romance, action, and a few twists.

What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?
None. A fantasy for me is to win the lottery and spend six months in an Irish cottage writing.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
A dragon – any chance you have to be something else – always be a dragon.

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