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*Release Blitz* Heart of Night


Title: Heart of Night (Wings of Ink, 2)

Author: Angelina J. Steffort

Genre: NA Fantasy Romance

Cover Designer: Fantastical Ink

Publication Date: May 31, 2024

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“I will find you. And if it takes a lifetime, I will find you.”


Ayna has just escaped death, only to crash head first into a new curse. This one is made by men.

Heart still bleeding, Ayna fights to keep strong. But how can she, when she is in the brutal hands of the very traitor who killed Myron? Especially when he is working with a man who has made it his mission to see her pay for her father’s crimes.

With her magic gone, Ayna is trapped and shipped off to her childhood world, where she uncovers plans at work that eclipse even Ephegos’s revenge—and an enemy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

If only Ayna knew that her king survived, she might cling to a brittle hope. But Myron is fighting his own battles in the search for his queen. Each one leads him a little closer to death’s door.

As they both plan their escape, they must make unlikely alliances and heart-wrecking choices—because this time, neither of them can rely on their magic to save them.

The curse on the Crows is broken, but all hope is lost. Will Ayna and Myron find each other and freedom, or will they end in a cage worse than death?

Full of intrigue, secrets, and heartbreak, Heart of Night is the second book in the sizzling epic romantic fantasy series, Wings of Ink and is perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses, From Blood and Ash, and Beauty and the Beast.

"Chocolate fanatic, milk-foam enthusiast and huge friend of the southern sting-ray. Writing is an unexpected career-path for me."

Angelina J. Steffort is an Austrian novelist, best known for her
Wings Trilogy, a young adult paranormal romance series about the impossible
love between a girl and an angel. The bestselling Wings Trilogy has been ranked
among calibers such as the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, The Mortal
listed among angel books for teens by bloggers and readers. Her young a
Instruments by Cassandra Clare, and Lauren Kate’s Fallen, and has been
tdult fantasy series Shattered Kingdom is already being compared to Sarah J. Maas’s
Throne of Glass series by readers and fans

Angelina has multiple educational backgrounds including
engineering, business, music, and acting, and lives in Vienna, Austria with her
husband and her son.


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*Pre-blitz* Hunter in Me


Title: Hunter in Me

Author: Lana Melyan

Genre: Urban Fantasy, PNR

Cover Designer: Orina Kafe

Publication Date: June 20th, 2024

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I’m a witch and a hunter, and I’ve been working in Atlanta in a secret agency that keeps the supernaturals under control for ten years.

When I get the sad news from home that my powerful warlock father was murdered, I’m determined to find his killers.
Predicting his death, my father left me some hints.

Following them, I end up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Whispering Pines, in my mother's old house I'd never heard of.

Did I mention she was killed too? I was three.

In search of the killers, I cross paths with the town witch and discover a portal to a realm full of witches, vampires, and a pack of wolves with their handsome alpha.

This small town is full of supernatural problems, and from what I learned from the alpha and the townspeople, my mother was the one solving them back when she lived here.

Soon, I realized that my father's killers weren't after him; they were after me. He always said I was more than a witch. That I was different. So what am I?

The questions start piling up. And I'm sure now that the answers are hidden in my mother's past.
I wish she'd left me some clues.
And she did, but in a more alluring form than I’d expected.

Hunter In Me is the first book in the Queen of Gates urban fantasy series.


Lana Melyan is the author of paranormal fantasy novels filled with epic love stories, great adventure, magic, humor, and strong heroines.
When she's not writing she likes to read or binge-watch TV shows.
Lana has studied literature for five years. She lives in beautiful Norway with her two daughters.

*Book Tour & Giveaway* Golden Gate Billionaires


 They're richer than sin, hotter than hell's kitchen, and sweeter than a cinnamon roll.  

Beautiful Namesake

Golden Gate Billionaires Book 3

by Chloe del Rey

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Billionaire Romance

He’s a hot billionaire. I’m a struggling wallflower. We have nothing in common...except our name.

Jameson “Jack” Carlton gets whatever he wants with a flash of his cocksure smile. And I'm just Jameson “JJ” Carlton, a shy barista working in his gleaming tower.

He’s fifteen years older and impossibly successful. We never should have crossed paths.

Then a simple mix-up reveals more than we bargained for.

Attraction. Coincidences.


Soon his ravenous eyes strip my layers bare, seeing straight through to my secret talents and hidden desires...

One molten heartbeat later, we’re tousling in thousand thread-count sheets.

I feel like a foreigner in his world of luxury and excess. But when he comes into mine, all hell breaks loose.

Because some secrets are etched in bloodlines.

His family’s music empire and my family’s working-class struggles are linked by a bond that shocks us both.

Being with Jack would devastate my family.

But if our relationship stays off-limits, my heart will go into freefall...

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Not My Billionaire Boyfriend

Golden Gate Billionaires Book 2

Challenging my biggest rival to a dating contest was all fun and games. Until I find out I’m sleeping with the enemy.

The dating app I built was the best in the business until an unlucky-in-love blogger ripped our reputation to shreds.

So I put my money where my mouth is: if she can’t find love using my app, I’ll give her a cool million.

I'll even play along.

We use fake identities to keep it fair. I’m a billionaire, after all.

It only takes one sheet-ripping date with a smart, sexy schoolteacher, and I know I’ve got this competition in the bag.

I’m falling. Hard.

But I haven’t told her who I really am, and she’s starting to suspect I have secrets.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has to come clean...

The new woman of my dreams has been hiding something too.

Now, our fiery passion feels like mutually assured destruction.

Are we going down in flames, or have the games just begun?

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My Bossy Billionaire Ex

Golden Gate Billionaires Book 1

My ex crushed my heart on our wedding day. Now he needs me to save his company?
Screw that.

I never got over Jonah Wright – surfer-turned-billionaire CEO, my first and only true love.

Between his sun-kissed beach body and brilliant mind, he lit me up like a sparkler.

But he shattered my heart at the altar, and I’ve been picking up the pieces ever since.

Now he’s the big shot billionaire on my campus, throwing money at my students and me to fix his broken project.

My ex and I go from tearing each other a new one to tearing each other’s clothes off.

Our chemistry is hotter than ever.

But I don't know if I can forgive the wounds of the past...

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Chloe del Rey works in the video game industry by day and dreams up smart, sexy, messy romances by night. Chloe lives in Northern California with her grumpy dog.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* The Body at Back Beach-GUEST POST


 Helena has never dreamt of becoming an amateur detective. But when she finds the body of a young woman while on a walk, she can't help but try and discover who she was and how she got there.

The Body at Back Beach

by KJ Sweeney

Genre: Murder Mystery

 Helena Statham never imagined herself as a sleuth. But when she stumbles upon the body of a young woman while on a walk, she can't resist the urge to discover who she was and how she got there. Even if it means upsetting the tight-knit community of the small New Zealand town she lives in, and uncovering secrets that have long been buried.

Thirty years ago, a young woman went missing, but no one tried to find out what had happened to her. As Helena investigates deeper, she learns more about what took place back then, putting herself in danger now.

Join Helena on her journey as she becomes an unlikely amateur detective, determined to uncover the truth and bring justice to the long-forgotten young woman whose story has been buried in silence for far too long.

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 Kelly Jo Sweeney grew up in England before moving to New Zealand where she lived for 15 years with her kiwi husband and four wonderful children. An avid reader from an early age, crime novels have long been a favourite. She always likes to work out whodunnit before the big reveal and writing her own novels means that there’s at least one that she’ll always get right. Her debut novel is set in and inspired by the unique scenery of New Zealand, infusing her stories with a wonderful sense of place and atmosphere.

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Can you, for those who don't know you already, tell something about yourself and

how you became an author?

Like many authors, I’ve always written. In my teenage years it was angsty poetry and

a daily diary that I kept for about fifteen years (before I had children and hadn’t got

the energy for that anymore!) I’ve also written lots of short stories and started books;

I can’t seem to not write really. I’d never actually managed to finish a novel though,

that seemed to be the hard bit. A few years back I was getting close to turning forty

and I thought that it was about time I actually finished one of my ideas. I didn’t quite

complete it by my birthday, but I finished the first draft of The Body at Back Beach

about a month or so later. Since then, I’ve actually managed to finish three other

books. This is the first one that’s ready for the world to share though!

Where were you born/grew up at?

I was born and grew up in Derbyshire England. I lived in the UK until I was thirty and

had my first two babies there. My husband is from New Zealand and we decided to

move there with our young family. Fifteen years and two more babies later and we’ve

recently moved home to the UK. I loved living in New Zealand and it’s where The

Body at Back Beach is set. I’ve tried to capture some of the New Zealand that I loved

while I lived there in the pages of the book.

I moved back to Britain to be close to my family. I think that there will always be a

part of me that has a connection to New Zealand though. I lived there for fifteen

years and the decision to come back home wasn’t an easy one. We have family

back in New Zealand so no doubt we’ll be back to visit in the future.

What inspired you to write this book?

The Body at Back Beach was very much inspired by the landscape around the area

of New Zealand that I lived. I used to walk around Back Beach in Port Chalmers two

or three times a week, much like Helena, the main character does. One day I was

walking around there after there had been some really bad storms. The rain had

caused some land slips and I started to imagine what I would do if it had uncovered

something unexpected, like a body that had been buried years before. The story

grew from there.

I’ve always really enjoyed murder mysteries, both in books and on television. This

was the first one that I tried to write myself though, the other books that I’ve tried to

write before have been different genres. I think that a mystery book fits my style

better than other things that I’ve tried.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Helena already has a second adventure lined up. I’ve written the first draft but have

some editing to do. I hope to write a whole series following Helena where she’ll find

herself solving more mysteries. I’ve also got a couple of other books in the works,

one set in medieval times, a half-written mystery in a large Victorian mansion and

something completely different set in 1980’s Britain, They’re all quite a way off being

ready for the rest of the world to share as yet, but hopefully I’ll have something for

you all soon.

I just need to find some time to really get my teeth into things and get things edited

and polished first. Hopefully after the launch of The Body at Back Beach I’ll have a

bit more time to get on with that.

Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre?

I read lots and lots, I always have done. My perfect idea of some ‘me’ time is peace

and quiet, a nice cup of tea and a good book; bliss! I like to read lots of different

types of books, I particularly like murder mysteries or romance though. My all-time

favourite books tend to be historical murder mysteries and if there’s a little bit of

chemistry between the lead characters then all the better. I do really enjoy ‘classic’

murder mysteries too, either older ones by Agatha Christie or Dorothy L. Sayers or

modern whodunits that follow the same kind of format. I think that The Body at Back

Beach would fit in well with that kind of book and be in good company.

Like many avid readers, I have a shelf and kindle full of more titles than I have time

to read. That doesn’t stop me from buying more and I’m always on the lookout for

recommendations for new books to check out.

Pen or typewriter or computer?

I love writing by hand with a nice pen and brand-new notebook. When it comes to

writing a book though, it has to be my laptop. I make far too many mistakes to

manage with a typewriter and I find that I can write quicker on keyboard than on

paper. I’m dyslexic, so using a keyboard (and spell check) makes the whole process

much easier for me. I’ve also managed to reach the point where I can type much

faster than I can write by hand, at least with it all being legible at the end! I also like

to be able to back everything up on the computer. It makes it easier to edit and make

changes when I come back to work on a draft too.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in The Body at Back Beach?

My main character is Helena, she’s in her early 50’s and works as a counselor at

Otago University in Dunedin New Zealand. She has two grown up sons who have

left home in the last few years and she lives with her husband in the family home

overlooking Otago Harbour. Until recently, she’s been working full-time, but decided

to take a bit of a step back and spend some more time in the local community. She

loves where she lives and although she travelled quite a lot in her younger years,

she wouldn’t live anywhere else.

The other characters in this book are residents of Port Chalmers and the surrounding

area. Helena knows some of them before the book starts, but others are people that

she comes across as she starts to investigate the murder. We don’t meet Helena’s

sons in this book, but they will appear in future titles.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Come Home to Death


It appears you can go home again, but sometimes, you shouldn’t. 

Come Home to Death

by Marilyn Levinson

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

"A master of the mystery and suspense genre.”
—Midwest Book Review

Erica Parker has barely been a bride nine months when two thugs show up at her apartment while her husband is away on one of his infamous business trips, claiming he owes their boss a large gambling debt. Frightened for her life, and without any other options, she heads for her childhood Long Island home she escaped three years ago. And swore never to return.

The aunts who raised her are as interfering and controlling as ever, but soon as the family attorney advances the rest of her trust from her parents’ life insurance, she can return to normalcy. Except he refuses, instead spouting nonsense about how, if she waits, she will soon inherit millions. On her twenty-fifth birthday.
Problem is, someone doesn’t want her to live that long.

Her aunts are harboring secrets, people are turning up dead, her husband is nowhere to be found, and someone’s trying to kill her. It appears you can go home again, but sometimes, you shouldn’t.

*Fans of Janet Evanovich, Lisa Gardner, and Mary Russell will enjoy "Come Home To Death" by Marilyn Levinson

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A former Spanish teacher, Marilyn Levinson writes mysteries, romantic suspense, and novels for young readers. Her Golden Age of Mystery Book Club series was a King Rivers Life Magazine's "Best of 2014," and on Book Town's 2014 Summer Mystery Reading List. She’s an Agatha nominee, a Library Journal "Pick of the Month," on Goodreads's list of the 200 "Most Popular Books Published in 2017,” a Suspense Magazine Best Indie, and was on Book Town's Summer (and) Fall Reading Lists. She also writes under Allison Brook.  She is co-founder and past president of the Long Island chapter of Sisters in Crime. She resides in New York with her family.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Magical Elements of the Periodic Table


 No Metal No Magic. . . and No Technology.  

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by the Elemental Dragons

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Book 2

by Sybrina Durant

Genre: Childrens Chemistry, Middle Grade Fantasy Educational

 In this unique alphabet book, members of the Elemental Dragon Clan, present 26 Magical Elements of the Periodic Table in alphabetical order. Each member of the clan has an element tipped tail. They also have magical powers based on the properties of their metals. There are no more perfect groups than unicorns and dragons to familiarize with elements from the Periodic Table. Their theme is "No Metal, No Magic. . .and No Technology".

In this book, Antz starts out the book by introducing the very necessary metal, Antimony on his element page. Zora rounds out the alphabet by presenting scientific facts and other fun information about the metal, Zirconium, on her elemental page. In all, readers will get some great insight into the properties of 26 elements from the periodic table. Each Page is Full of Amazing Facts and Tons of Fun.

There's A Magical Elemental Themed Periodic Table, Too!

This unique book will help tweens, teens and anyone else quickly absorb the elements of the Periodic Table.

No Metal,
No Magic
And No Technology.
It's Techno-Magical.

Amazon * Author's Site * B&N * Bookbub * Goodreads

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by the Metal Horn Unicorns

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Book 1

 Get this book in soft cover print to experience it fully.

Metals and all the other elements from the periodic table make everything seem magical.

You can see it everywhere... in buildings. . .transportation...communications. . .medicines and even in the food you eat!

All technology and everything that makes life modern come from the magical elements in the earth, water and the air.

Think of it like this, “No Metal – No Magic...and No Technology.”
You can learn about all about it in The Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by The Metal Horn Unicorns.

26 techno-magical elements are presented from A to Z by the magical metal horn unicorn tribe from Unimaise.

Every element page shows you

1. Where the featured element comes from.
2. When it was discovered.
3. Scientific info about the element.
4. Everyday uses for it.
5. Plus a bunch of interesting facts!
6. Last but not least, each element is represented by a unicorn who wields its magical powers.

The theme of “No Metal, No Magic” flows throughout the entire book. Ultimately, if there’s no metal, there can be no magic. Any metal-horned unicorn will tell you that. Without metal and all the other elements of the periodic table there would be no technology for us modern people, either. Now, that’s “Techno-Magical!”

The book also has an amazing unicorn themed periodic table plus special pages featuring
elemental compounds and alloys. Trading cards representing each of the 26 unicorns and their elements plus fun lesson cards and more are also available as printable downloads. Kids will have fun singing along with the No Metal, No Magic song, too. Learn more about all the elements in this book at


Get a FREE printable Magical Elements Periodic Table Poster from the author here! poster/

 The books Sybrina Durant has written span a wide range between illustrated picture books, coloring books and YA novels; to technical and how-to books. Her latest efforts are fanciful illustrated periodic table books that help kids visualize the importance of the elements that make up our world.  As the dragons and unicorns say, “No Metal, No Magic. . .and No Technology”.

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