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*Release Blitz* Veronica Douglas


Title: Forsaken Fate (Ruthless Gods: Wolf God Book 3)

Author: Veronica Douglas

Genre: PNR, Urban Fantasy

Publication Date: January 30th, 2024

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The epic conclusion to Samantha and Cadean’s story. Expect vengeance, romance, and a dark destiny finally fulfilled.

The shadow of death is hanging over me, and the queen of the fae is coming. She’s stolen my magic and is growing more powerful every day. Soon, no one will be able to oppose her—not even the Dark Wolf God.
I hold the key to his prison, but can I trust him? Can gods really change?

Forsaken fate is the final book in of a dual-POV, enemies-to-lovers romance culminating with a HEA. Prepare yourself for high-stakes action, shifting alliances, and steamy romance set in a fantasy world. If you love shifters and alpha heroes with dark souls, tortured pasts, and an obsession with the woman who could bring them to their knees, this romantasy is for you!

Veronica Douglas is a duo of professional archaeologists that love writing and digging together. After spending an inordinate amount of time doing painstaking research for academia, they suddenly discovered a passion for letting their imaginations go wild! A cocktail of magic, romance, and ancient mystery (shaken, not stirred), their books are inspired, in part, by their life in Chicago and their archaeological adventures from around the globe.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Recruiting Murder


Can two Sleuths put these two puzzles together before college starts in September?

Recruiting Murder

A Brown & McNeil Murder Mystery Book 3

by Frank Lazarus

Genre: Murder Mystery, Crime Thriller

The third installment in the Brown and McNeil Mystery Series

Lenny Goldstein and his company, Future Stars, evaluate high school and collegiate basketball talent and sell their rankings to colleges and NBA teams.

From its humble beginnings in 1975, Future Stars had grown into a behemoth; with fifteen NBA teams and seventy-eight colleges paying subscriptions for his rankings.

Lenny is semi-retired these days, with his son and son-in-law running the business until he gets a call from an old buddy in Newport News, who wants him to come look at a high school kid, Lincoln Anderson, in Emporia, Virginia. He believes this Anderson kid has been overlooked by everyone, including Future Stars.

Concurrently, Lenny gets a call from an old buddy, the iconic coach of Duke University, to see what he knows about the college decision of Tyler Longenecker, Future Star’s #5 ranked high school senior from a premier prep school in the tony Boston suburbs. 

All seems to be going on script until graduation, when both Lincoln and Tyler are involved in a death and a roofie rape. Suddenly, Lenny’s getting calls about both kids.

Lincoln's family is related to James McNeil in Philly, and they call him for help. James and his buddy, Detective Vernon Brown of the Philly PD, jump into the car and head South on I-95.

Can the two Sleuths from The Murder Gambit and The Phenom put these two puzzles together before college starts in September?

Once again, Author Frank Lazarus has produced a gripping, suspenseful story that will keep you off Netflix for a day or two.

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The Phenom

A Brown & McNeil Murder Mystery Book 2

Even before he has played his first game in high school, it would seem nothing can stop Bo Campbell's meteoric rise to stardom in the basketball world. In Philadelphia, people are already comparing him to his Overbrook High School predecessor, Wilt Chamberlain.

But his dreams are suddenly shattered when he is arrested for the murder of his best friend, Sherman Claxton.

Detective Vernon Brown, and James McNeil, his friend and Bo's grandfather, search for the truth, but James goes rogue, and soon finds himself in the dangerous underbelly of the Philadelphia drug sub-culture, where the stakes are high and it's hard to tell who's friend and who's foe.

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The Murder Gambit

A Brown & McNeil Murder Mystery Book 1 

An unexplained death in a nursing home. A man falls from a balcony. A hit and run in the middle of a city street. An execution in a home. A woman collapses dead after a date.

Five murders. Five methods. Five police jurisdictions.

What's the connection?

Philadelphia-area detectives are under pressure to solve the murders, while dealing with their own issues.

Speeding like the lead car at Talladega towards a shocking conclusion, is The Murder Gambit a Shakespearean tragedy or a sinister reality?

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Frank Lazarus was born and raised in West Philadelphia and attended Overbrook High School, as you may have guessed from his writings.

After graduating high school, Frank spent two years in the U.S. Army during the VietNam War. After his service, he completed his 

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at St. Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia.

He was in the Financial Services and Life Insurance industry for fifty-three years before he retired at the end of 2021.

Frank has three adult children and five grandchildren.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* A Vampire in Disguise


A witch’s mission to find her sister’s killer leads to otherworldly dangers.

A Vampire in Disguise

Creatures of the Midwest Book 1

by Ava Silvers

Genre: Cozy Urban Fantasy Mystery, Paranormal Romantic Suspense

A witch’s mission to find her sister’s killer leads to otherworldly dangers.

When Hazel Goode’s search for a murderer lands her in Shadow Hollow, she thinks the strangest thing there is herself. But this little midwestern town has been collecting supernatural creatures for centuries, and the arrival of one more could shatter the paranormal veil.

Corwin doesn’t plan to disclose he’s a vampire. After all, vampires are supposed to be extinct. But when he enlists Hazel’s help to solve a mystery – the same mystery she is trying to solve...but for a very different reason – his secret will put them both in danger.

Helping Corwin could crack Hazel’s case wide open, or could make them the next target. Now, with the Last Vampire on Earth and Hazel both digging around in the Midwest’s magical underbelly, it won’t be long before an uncontrollable darkness is released. And this time, there will be no escape.

Fans of True Blood and Midnight, Texas will find their next fix in Creatures of the Midwest series, a thrilling, additive paranormal drama.

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Once Bitten, Twice Turned

Creatures of the Midwest Book 2

Let Sleeping Vampires Lie

Creatures of the Midwest Book 3

Ava Silvers is a Midwest Urban Fantasy author whose obsession with the supernatural transcends from her storytelling into real life. When not writing about her own imagined paranormal locations, her idea of a good time is visiting abandoned towns and haunted hotels. A collector of rare books and strange artifacts, her home, like her books, is filled with all things magical and mysterious.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* The Earthborn Saga


Night is falling.

Embrace the darkness.

A Son of the Shadows

The Earthborn Saga Vol 1

by Steven Bissett

Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy  

Night is falling. Embrace the darkness.

On the ice-clad prison world of Delta-13, where minds teeter on the edge of madness, mankind's future dangles by a thread.

Living under the shadow of an imperial conspiracy, Rex Hunt discovers a psychic gift that will upset the balance of power in the entire galaxy.

As Rex grapples with his newfound power, prison psychiatrist, Dr. Lily Tselitel, delves into the chilling surge of madness among the inmates, pulling her closer to a secret as old as the galaxy itself.

Their paths converge as they uncover an imperial plot to build a weapon that threatens to suffocate the flickering spirit of rebellion in the galaxy's fringe colonies.

Unbeknownst to the rebels, as they fight against the empire's sinister plan, an ancient shadow looms over the galaxy, threatening to consume humanity's vast colonies, and even Earth itself!

Discover the first book in an epic space opera where hope survives in secret taverns, and the line between life and death is blurred in the snowy expanse of Delta-13.

You're just one click away from learning mankind's fate.

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The Beast Emerges

The Earthborn Saga Vol II

Ancient secrets. New battles.

An unyielding, insidious peril, the Devourers unleash chaos in the galaxy.

First in their malevolent sights: the ice planet Delta-13, next the enigmatic jungles of Preleteth. Rex Hunt, driven by destiny and cryptic legends, forges alliances in the galaxy's darkest corners.

From pirate-infested asteroids to secret Imperial bases, danger lurks at every corner. When ancient prophecies from the sentient world of Preleteth point to a shadowy salvation, Rex's fate becomes irrevocably intertwined with a journey that spans galaxies.

Every alliance forged, every secret unveiled, and every battle waged will shape the future in this grand space opera of courage, sacrifice, and cosmic revelation.

Dive deep with Rex and his crew as they embark on a perilous journey. If you think you've outsmarted the might of the Empire or the ruthlessness of the Devourers... prepare for your reckoning.

Jump into book two of The Earthborn Saga today!

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The Crucible of Titans

The Earthborn Saga Vol III

Dreadnoughts. Devourers. Deception. In a star field of lies, can anyone be trusted?

Trapped aboard the Empire’s ultimate weapon, Sentinel, Rex becomes the crucial factor in the cosmic war against the Devourers.

But there's a mysterious web of deceit beyond the battlefield. Driven by an intense hatred of mankind, an ancient being emerges as the parasite's true puppet master.

Between the Empire, the Devourers, emboldened pirates, and a plethora of colonial revolutionaries, are there simply too many enemies to overcome?

The mysterious Krancis, architect of the Empire's desperate gambit to survive, sends Sentinel on a collision course with the single greatest foe ever to threaten mankind. The battle to come is beyond colossal: it's a celestial clash of titans that could cost Rex everything he has left.

Dive into this enthralling mosaic of military tactics, clandestine politics, and cosmic spirituality. Feel the universe quake under the weight of monumental choices. Here, heroes are born, villains rise, and entire galaxies crumble.

Ready for the next level of space opera?

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The Tides of Retribution

The Earthborn Saga Vol IV

Will the Empire crumble under the weight of betrayal and invasion?

As the galaxy is besieged by the merciless Devourers and treacherous Fringers, one ship and one man stand as humanity's final hope.

Can the enigmatic Rex, a master of shadowy psychic powers, and the massive warship, Sentinel, keep the relentless enemy at bay?

Rumors of alien infiltration and psychic omens shake the Empire to its core. Can Rex and Sentinel hold the line long enough for Krancis’ new experimental weapon to be deployed against their enemy?

As the hive-minded Devourers grow bolder and more ruthless by the day, the Empire finds itself fighting battles on multiple fronts. Eliminating high-level operatives providing intelligence to the parasite becomes as crucial as protecting the Empire's teeming population centers.

Venture into this colossal clash, where an alien hive mind, the Imperium’s internal enemies, and the ticking clock that marks humanity’s doom converge. Witness as Krancis' innovations offer a glimmer of hope, Rex pushes his psychic gifts to the limit, and the Devourers edge closer to ultimate victory over humanity.

Ready to discover what surprises await humanity?

Immerse yourself into the intrigue of book four of the Earthborn Saga today!

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The Crusade of Vengeance

The Earthborn Saga Vol V

The tides are turning, but is it enough to save humanity?

When the Empire’s last gamble pays off, the Devourer's end finally seems inevitable.

Armed with Adler fighters and Sentinel's devastating cannon, the Devourer's reign of terror might be on the brink of ending.

But the colossal enemy has one last trick up its sleeve and is spreading a devilish evil across the Empire in a desperate bid at victory. Armed with city-sized masses of stinking Devourer flesh, these psychic nightmares that consume life are being warped in from deep space to wreak havoc on the Empire's core worlds.

And even as Rex powers Sentinel's cannon to obliterate the Devourer's latest monstrosities, a darker evil waits in the wings, a force that dwarfs all other threats.

Advanced weaponry meets arcane entities and the very fabric of the universe hangs by a thread.

Prepare to confront the real enemy in book five of the Earthborn Saga today!

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 Steven Bissett has been writing stories for over fourteen years. An eclectic author, he excels at seamlessly blending genres together to produce unique stories. With compelling characters, dynamic plots, and a crisp, candid style that holds nothing back, Bissett continues to delight readers of every age.

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*Book Tour & Giveaway* The Kingdoms of Blood


 Life as humans know it comes to a close when vampires take over as dominant species in our world, and magic makes its return. It's up to several unusual heroes to protect the innocent in a select few areas around the world.  

The Dancing Crow

The Kingdoms of Blood Book 1

by Des M. Astor

Genre: Vampire Horror, Dystopian Urban Fantasy

 Hey, I’m Ares. Big, bad, scary vampire that your kind is supposed to be afraid of. And I’m here to help save you!

They call me the “Dancing Crow”. Don’t ask me who ‘they’ is. No idea. Anyway, my kind has emerged from the shadows and ripped the mantle of ‘dominant species’, or whatever, right from your hands. Shame, really. If only you didn’t erase magic from your history.

Anyway-z, I used to prowl the streets, ripping to shreds the evils of your society. Like some twisted superhero, or something. Everything changed when other vampires had enough, and well, here we are. Now my gang and I are trying to establish harmony in this city, at least. Not many would expect a gang, of all things, to be heroes. But here we are.

Our job is to help you widdle humans by getting rid of an evil tyrant, Ash, in this unnamed city. Well, that’s hard to do, so we got allies. A half-dragon, a Tasmanian Devil shapeshifter, you know, cool stuff like that. Now, if only I could get this vampire hunter to leave me alone. No idea what her deal is, but she clearly can’t kill me despite ‘trying’ her hardest. Ah well, I know my job, and it’s to continue doing SOMETHING to help out here.

CONTENT WARNING: Heavy gore, sexual assault and rescue from it, extreme religious indoctrination/manipulation, and heavy profanity.

This is Book 1, version 2 of “The Kingdoms of Blood” series.

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Huntsmaster City

The Kingdoms of Blood Book 2

 Ever see a Tasmanian Devil shapeshifter before? Well, you’re about to meet one. The name’s Darcia Deville.

We might have established harmony in Elapid City, but there’s a bunch of twisted vampire hunters eyeing us now. If they get their knives into our vampires, well, that can only end badly. So, now, we’re taking the fight to them.

Everything just had to go wrong, though.

My partner, Robert Smoke, a turned vampire, ended up captured by an insane scientist known as Doctor Astral. I need to save that brat in distress before he gets himself tortured to death. Not only that, but this woman is messing around with magic and science to an alarming extent. Wolfmen never existed before.

Apparently, they do now.

CONTENT WARNING: Extreme gore, descriptive sex scenes, profanity, rescue from sexual assault, & graphic torture.

This is Book 2 in “The Kingdoms of Blood” series.

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 Des M. Astor is a dystopic urban fantasy author who twists everything you know about creatures like vampires. If you're looking for gory, action-heavy novels that take several steps away from common myth for a flavor of her own, her works are the ones for you. She has a fascination with horror, and is unafraid of spiders, bats, and serpents. In fact, she adores all three. She takes pride in her worldbuilding, to the point where you might question if she's stepped out of an alternative Earth onto ours in order to tell these stories...

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