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Seven Nights.

Seven Rooms.

One Erotic Lesson.

College student Mackenzie is invited to a secret house of pleasure, where she'll experience sexual fantasies for an entire week. Meanwhile, the guy down the hall might be everything she wants and more. Will she quit the house for love, or continue in the Hall of Art and Pleasure?

The Hall of Art and Pleasure

Chasing Pleasure Trilogy Book 1

by Darcy Monroe

Genre: College Erotic Romance

Mackenzie’s love life is a wreck. Drinking her troubles away in a strip club seems like the best solution until a dancer slips her a business card with a local address on it.

When she walks through the door, she’ll never be the same...

The address leads to a house with the deal of a lifetime: complete seven nights of “education” in The Hall of Art and Pleasure, and on the eighth night, step through a different door to be tested. She accepts the challenge and begins an awakening unlike any other. Room by room, Mackenzie starts to take back her confidence.

Then she meets Tristen. Heartbreakingly sweet, he seems interested in her for more than her body. Mackenzie is torn between the desire to finish her time in the Hall and her longing for a real relationship. If she continues her carnal quest, she may lose Tristen, but if she quits, she’ll never know what lies behind the final door...

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Darcy Monroe is an avid romance reader and spicy romance writer. She enjoys binging Netflix, dancing in the rain, and imagining all sorts of steamy scenes with kind, kinky guys.

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Q: What is something interesting about you?

A: My reading material has never been censored. I’ve always been encouraged to read whatever I wanted

to. It was very freeing. I never take that for granted.

Q: Tell us something interesting that happened to you?

A: I once went on a first date that was so bad, I sat down and laughed for a straight twenty minutes

afterwards. My roommate thought I’d lost my mind.

Q: What do you do to unwind and relax?

A: I go jogging or I read my favorite scenes of smutty romance novels.

Q: As a writer, what would you choose as your animal mascot?

A: A squirrel! They’re fast, resilient, and goal-driven. I like squirrels.

Q: Describe yourself in five words or less?

A: Quirky, Fearless, Funny, Helpful

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