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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Knight by Addison Carmichael-GUEST POST

Sons of the Alpha Book 1
by Addison Carmichael
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Alexia Raine has a major problem.
She’s being stalked by very dangerous men for some unknown reason, but one that will turn her entire world on its axis.

Neil Duran has five major problems.
Just when he’s closing in on a vicious werewolf hunter that is kidnapping, torturing and killing their people, he’s pulled from the case by his High Alpha, Rob Bryant, to locate and return the daughter of their most valuable and gifted shifter. If he doesn’t, their entire Wolf Pack in the Pacific Northwest might collapse and lose all hard-won territory, shifting the balance of powers and throwing the entire were-kind species into a world war.

Problem one—Alexia Raine never knew her real father.
Problem two—She doesn’t even know that shifters or were-kind exist.
Problem three—Their rival Pack wants her and will stop at nothing to acquire her for several unspeakable reasons.
Problem four—She’s the most aggravating, infuriating, intoxicating woman he’s had the displeasure to rescue. And he may very well be falling in love with her.
Problem five—A wolf always finds and protects his mate.

Beauty and Her Beast
Prequel to Sons of the Alpha – Knight

A tale as old as time--with a Paranormal twist!
Rebecca Hartford hates Valentine's Day.  That is, until the mysterious, attractive Erik Leonid bursts into the cafĂ© where she sits eating alone that afternoon.  Then her entire world, and all of her preconceptions, turns upside-down and will never be the same.  That means learning to love someone from the inside-out regardless of her fears and those seeking to harm them both for their forbidden relationship.
She only hopes it will be enough.

Addison Carmichael has been a storyteller since she was a young girl. Even then every tale she imagined had a romantic element that grabbed front and center. She is absolutely in love with love—giving it, receiving it, then sending it back out into the world. She believes there is something miraculous and supernatural about true love in every form, and incorporates this magical element into all of her stories.
Besides reading and writing (blissful addictions), Addison loves the mountains and ocean, and enjoys hiking, camping, horseback riding and star gazing. She also bakes, knits and sews, which she never has enough time for. She attempted mastering several musical instruments, singing, painting, photography, dancing and archery, but always returned to writing and storytelling as the “one true love” of her life.
Addison was born and raised in Southern California and has lived and traveled all over the west coast (and the world), now living happily-ever-after with her family in the Pacific Northwest in Snohomish, Washington.

Where were you born/grew up at?
I was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California, then moved to Orange County, California. Then I lived in various places and states all over the west, finally landing in western Washington State where my husband Michael is originally from. I love it here, so this is it for me.

Who are your favorite book heroes?
Male: Aslan, Peeta Malark, Gale Hawthorne, Mr. Darcy, Edward Cullen, Aragorn, Frodo Baggins
Female: Anne Shirley, Elizabeth Bennett, Lucy Pevansie, Catniss Everdeen

What do you do to unwind and relax?
Reading, writing, or watching a movie with a great story are my everyday mental diffusing tools. When time and opportunity allows, I love listening to music while sipping sweet tea or raspberry lemonade from a frosted Ball jar while rocking in a porch swing on a warm afternoon. Or walking along an ocean beach at sunset with the waves crashing over my bare feet and the gulls crying overhead. Or hiking in the woods and breathing in the scent of pine and wood smoke that I swear smell just like barbequed steaks.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!
Dreamer, Introspective, Adventurer, Lover, Storyteller

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Although I consider myself a storyteller first and began creating stories with all of my stuffed animals in the backyard as a little girl (with character backstories and plot lines!), I first started actually writing them down in high school—secretly, of course. I continued to write as a way to escape the pressures of school, career, and being a working wife and mother. It was my husband who actually pushed me to pursue my passion and submit my work to publishers. Within three years I had published 13 short stories to different national magazines, then started expanding my stories into novel length.

Do you have a favorite movie?
I’m a major movie addict, so it’s really hard to pinpoint just one, so I’ll list just a few different favs:

The Terminator, Chronicles of Narnia, Pride & Prejudice (with Keira Knightly), Star Wars, Lord of Rings, Tombstone, Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic, Dances with Wolves, Ever After, While You Were Sleeping, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Wizard of Oz, Shrek, Die Hard, ET, Gone With the Wind

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

I write solely to entertain and expect that readers want the same thing. My goal has always been to make you laugh, cry, gasp, shiver, fall in love, get pissed off, boo the villain, cheer for the hero, rocket up to the stars, then float peacefully back down to earth at the end with a contented sigh. If you can close my book and say as Peter Pan did, “That was a great adventure,” then I’ve done my job, and that brings me joy and bliss.
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