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*Book Tour & Giveaway* The Poet of the Heart by LaNona Walker-GUEST POST

The Poet of the Heart
by LaNona Walker
Genre: Poetry

People can fade away, rose petals can be crushed and things can be lost, but at least you’ll remember how it was. The Poet of The Heart is a poetry collection that touches everything the heart can feel, hope for, cherish, and even regret. In a collection of poems ranging from romantic to heart-wrenching, LaNona Walker dives into her passions and writes from the heart. Fragmented pieces of dreams and losses combine to bring you a touching series of stories that have deeper meanings in their rhymes and lyrics.

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LaNona Walker is a book-aholic and major coffee drinker. When she’s not jotting stories down or getting lost in books, she can be found baking delicious treats while jamming to music or re-watching movies (mostly Marvel) with her Pug. Or getting dragged away from a bookstore by family members and friends.

  Every writer is different, and that's something it took me a while to learn... I had to experiment and figure out what worked best for me and my writing projects. Depending on the writing project I will either write it in several notebooks or I will type it up on my computer and then revise it in a separate file.  Sometimes I have a notebook filled with stuff for the project, but the draft is on the computer. I have multiple projects, but I try to really only work on one at a time. 
 I know other authors can do three different books at the same time going, but sadly I can't. (Probably why it takes me a bit longer.)
  My process and daily writing routine really stays the same but does change here and there for each project. There was one project several years back, that every day I would wake up early and write at my living room window with my pug and morning coffee for an hour or two in a notebook. That particular project ended up going on the backburner... 
 There was one project where I stayed up until 2 am every night writing when my family was asleep, with coffee that I probably shouldn't have had that late, and I just listened to my playlist with headphones and wrote. (Scared myself countless times, because there were scary scenes in the book.)  
 So I try to write every day, I use very vague outlines and character descriptions as I write,  and I drink lots of coffee and listen to a playlist as I write. That's my process and daily writing life!
  On average for writing a book, I'd say the first draft can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. Then from there, it depends on what you do next. And it varies per project. One you might wait a month and then do the second draft of. There's one book where I drafted the whole series altogether and had to split them up as the second draft. Then revising can take a few months, as well as getting feedback from Beta Readers or Critique Partners. The editing also depends, because you can be your editor or someone else could be. 
 There's a lot of different factors into how long it takes to write a book. For me, there was one book I wrote in a whole 12 months-period (it was crap, and terrible to edit). And there've been books (like the one I have coming out next year) that took three years because I messed up and wrote it and it's sequel together and had to separate them... 
The Poet of The Heart was probably the easiest project so far; the editing wasn't as hard as others, the writing didn't take hours to perfect, and then the revising didn't kill me! So it's a good child! Lol :)

Thanks for reading!!

~LaNona Walker
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