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Chalk It up To Love 
Aspen Ridge Book 1 
by Jill Haymaker 
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance

Rediscover Aspen Ridge as Jill Haymaker starts a new series set in the small, Colorado mountain town of aspen Ridge. When a new school year begins, all fourth grade teacher, ERIN MIDNIGHT, wants is to establish a new normal for herself and her ten year old son, Mark. Recently divorced, she struggles to cope with being a single mom. Fortunately, her hometown of Aspen Ridge, Colorado, provides the perfect place for her to heal.
BOYD GARRETT’S life changed the day his wife was senselessly killed by a texting driver. No longer fulfilled by his life in the big city, he accepts a new teaching job in the tiny, mountain town of Aspen Ridge, hoping to find an escape from the memories that haunt him.
Can Peak Elementary School’s new, handsome instructor teach Erin to believe in herself again? Can Boyd find the happiness he thought he’d lost forever? Or are the walls they’ve built around their hearts too high? Two people who’ve learned that with love comes pain. But, sometimes—we get a second chance. 

Safe To Love 
Aspen Ridge Book 2

The assault had cast a dark shadow over ANGELA RODRIGUEZ’S life for twenty-three years. Her recent move to the tiny mountain town of Aspen Ridge allowed her to escape the person, but not the nightmares that haunted her nights. Would she ever be able to overcome the fear? COLT OUTLAW owned and operated the largest cattle ranch in Peakview County, Colorado. Since his father’s untimely death, he’d not only taken care of the ranch, but also his mom and sister. There weren’t enough hours in his day for frivolous things like romance. That is until Angela walked into his life. Two hearts longing for more but separated by ghosts from their pasts. Can old walls, built to protect, be crumbled by acceptance and love?
Love always wins.

Come Home To Love 
Aspen Ridge Book 3

Riley Beckman has spent the last six years trying to be the perfect single parent to her daughter, Ava. The result of a one-night-stand with a handsome cowboy, Riley didn’t even know his last name when he rode off into the morning sunrise. By the time she discovered she was pregnant, all she could do was make the best of the amazing gift she’d been given.
She hadn’t needed a man to establish a happy home for herself and her daughter.

Justin Thorne, known to his friends as JT, has been a nomad since leaving home at eighteen. A cowhand, he’s traveled ranch to ranch and state to state, never staying in any one place long enough to put down roots. Still there was that one night and one girl he could never quite forget. When fate brings him back to the tiny Colorado Mountain town of Aspen Ridge, will he get a second chance?

And what happens when he discovers he left behind more than just a girl? While JT struggles with the fact that he’s been an absent father for six years, Riley fears the worst. Will he try to take her child? Or can the three of them find the family they’ve only dreamed of?


Remember Christmas 
Aspen Ridge Book 4

Aspen Assisted Living facility is known for their festive holiday decorations, but it did little to decorate the hearts of the residents.

The longer Grace Decker lives at the facility, the more she retreats into herself. What is the point? Her freedom died right along with her husband. Now strangers treat her like a child. She doesn’t even care that it’s almost Christmas.

The last thing Albert Stanley, a former rodeo star, wants is to be stuck inside with not a horse in sight. Six months in this place has seemed like six years. Although he’s the life of the party on the outside, inside he feels alone and isolated. Is he going to die without ever experiencing true love?

Albert decides to make it his mission to bring some Christmas cheer into Grace’s life, despite her resistance. Can two people who believe their lives are over, remember romance at Christmas, and discover that you are never too old to fall in love? This book will make you a believer in Christmas miracles.


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Ride Into Love 
Aspen Ridge Book 5

When ROBIN OUTLAW’S husband passes away unexpectedly, she struggles to put the pieces of her shattered life back together while running Eagle Tree Cattle Ranch without him. Her days of romance are over. That is until, she notices a cowboy who’s been there all along. 

TRAVIS MORGAN is an uncomplicated man. He’s been a cowhand for over forty years, the last thirty at Eagle Tree Ranch. With the boss man gone, suddenly he finds himself noticing Robin in a whole new light. Could she ever see him as more than an employee? 

Can their love of a cattle ranch, nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, bring these two together for something more? Maybe a small, discarded puppy will be all it takes to get the ball rolling and open their hearts to new possibilities. 

Rediscover romance in Aspen Ridge—a small town with an open heart. 

There is nothing like spending time in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, where snow and romance are sure to find you. Once Jill Haymaker discovered her passion for writing contemporary romances filled with messages of hope and second chances, she never looked back. Two years ago, she gave up her long time career as an attorney to embark on writing full time. She loves her stories set high in the Colorado Mountains and the handsome cowboys her heroines find there. Although her characters and settings are fictional, they are based on the people and places she's experienced in her own time in the mountains. After writing eleven books in her Peakview series, she has started a new series, Aspen Ridge. If you loved Peakview, you'll soon fall in love with Aspen Ridge, too. Jill also writes stories for the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul books, where you can catch a glimpse of her real life. 

Where did I get the idea for Peakview County, Colorado, the setting for my Peakview and Aspen Ridge Series?

Peakview County happened by accident. When I wrote my very first book, Colorado Sunset, I knew next to nothing about writing a novel. I decided I wanted my heroine to take a cross country road trip, get stranded, and be rescued by the hero. Somehow she ended up in the Colorado Mountains. I wanted her to be stuck there for a few days, so I made the town small—really small, population around 100.
That’s when the magic started, I fell in love with the tiny town of Peakview and it’s quirky residents, as did my readers. Soon it became an entire series, with the town becoming a character in its own right, along with Violet’s café and the larger than life character of Violet Crandall (she appears in every book). So many readers have told me they want to live in Peakview County. I do, too.
What I didn’t think about when I wrote that first book was that by making the town so small, it limited the number of romances I could write about its residents. There just weren’t that many single people. So after, eleven books in the Peakview Series, I moved on to Aspen Ridge, the other town in Peakview County. While still a small mountain town, its some 3000 residents provide way more story possibilities. My readers enjoy the fact that in my Aspen Ridge series, some of their favorite Peakview residents pop in from time to time.
While I don’t currently reside in Colorado, I did live there for forty-five wonderful years and hope to return someday. Peakview county and its residents, while an invention of my imagination, is a compilation of the people I’ve met in many small Colorado communities. The people are warm and welcoming and fiercely protective of their community. There’s always a family feel—everyone looking out for each other. It takes a hardy person to survive the cold snowy winters and mountain perils such as wildlife and wildfires. They band together to face the joys and hardships of life.

And I love cowboys. There’s nothing sexier that a man in a Stetson and boots, riding a horse. They’re so much fun to write, along with the strong, independent ladies they fall in love with. I hope you’ll join my journey and fall in love with Peakview, Colorado, where everyone has a chance at love.

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