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*Book Tour & Giveaway* Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC-GUEST POST

Terror's Temptress 
Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC Book 1 
by Ciara St. James 
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance 

Archangel’s Warriors MC: Brothers by choice, not blood. Born to ride until they die. All they wanted was to ride free until lightning strikes them without warning. Consumed by desire, surrounded by danger, they find the “one” who will consume, enchant, frustrate and ultimately love them. They only see each other. When Archangel’s Warriors find the “One”, they don’t back down, they don’t ever stray and they will do anything to protect their women, even kill for them. Their women are strong, feisty, and dangerous. They are each other’s every fantasy come to life. The sex is hotter than anything they’ve ever known. Those who stalk their club or threaten their women had better beware!

Terror was the president of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. He wasn’t looking for a woman. He could have any woman he wanted at any time. Until one night after a dangerous mission, Harlow unexpectedly walks into his life. She was tough, beautiful, sexy, deadly and the daughter of another chapter president. The club has an enemy stalking them already. And now she enters his life with her own enemy. He plans to win her for himself, but first he’ll have to keep her father from killing him and their enemies from taking her away from him. Because he’s found he can’t live without his Temptress. 

Savage's Princess 
Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC Book 2 

Savage is the VP of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. His time as a Navy Seal had shaped him to be a hard man, who defends those in need. Now, he lives to protect his club and his brothers. That is until he met Janessa Abbott. She causes him to feel things he’s never felt before and has him questioning what he wants in life. Suddenly, living for the moment isn’t enough. He wants something more; he wants her. However, she seems to be afraid and is hiding something, or from someone. He waits for her to realize he can be trusted. To see that he won’t ever hurt her. However, first he has to earn her trust, then find the man who is stalking her. Only then can she be free to be his forever. Free to be Savage’s Princess. 

Steel & Hammer's Hellcat 
Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC Book 3 

Hammer and Steel are best friends in the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. They love their lives and want only one thing to make life perfect. A woman they could share and love for a lifetime. They have given up hope she even exists, until Regan comes into their lives fighting for her friend. She consumes their minds and bodies. She is the one, they just have to make her see this. And protect her from the danger lurking in the shadows, waiting to take their Hellcat away from them.

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit scenes. It is intended for audiences 18+. There may be graphic description of sex acts some may find disturbing. Also, there may be descriptions of physical violence, torture, or abuse. Some strong themes are found in this series which may be triggers for some people. While the characters may not be conventional, they all believe in true love and commitment. The book is a HEA with some twists and turns along the way. 

Menace's Siren 
Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC Book 4 

As the Archangel’s Warriors’ enforcer, Menace comes by his name honestly. He uses the skills he learned in Special Ops to protect his MC. He didn’t know he’d have to use those same skills to protect a woman. And not just any woman. The woman who ensnared him and made him think of forever not just tonight. 

Alannah doesn’t come without her own craziness, such as a grandmother who has been trying to get a look in the MC’s compound for years, and who loves to flirt and touch “beef cake.” She’s just looking to survive, finish her degree, and help her grandmother. She isn’t looking for a man. She isn’t asking to be in danger from not one, but two forces. 

She especially never expects to ache for a giant, tattooed, hot alpha male biker. He consumes her mind, body and maybe even her soul. He never expects to burn for her and not be able to get her off his mind. He is consumed with thoughts of her day and night. He wants to be able to worship her the way he thinks she deserves and his body wants. 

In the end can they eliminate the danger and find each other, so Alannah can have and love her own sexy biker and Menace can have and love his Siren? 

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Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors Boxset : Books 1-3 

I'm a bookaholic who has been reading since I was six years old. I love the written word and numerous genres, but romance has always been my favorite! I remember one winter I stayed in my room for two weeks straight reading not realizing it had snowed for days! I have wanted to write for years, however, life had me living in a big city working as a nurse and being a wife and mother. Four years ago I moved to Tennessee with my husband and our two adult kids followed. Last year I was finally able to quit my nursing job to dedicate my time to writing. I find I like all romance but have a particular love for erotic romances in all its forms. My biggest dream would be to have others read and receive joy from my books as I have from several of my favorite authors! Please let me know what you think of my works. 


Q: Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story? Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

A: I most definitely have times when the characters hijack the story. I have heard other authors say this over the years and I wondered how that could be? Then it happened to me. Sometimes I think I know who the next book in the series will be about and then another character starts “talking” to me and takes over the whole order.

Probably the best example of a character taking over in these first four books is Ms. Marie in book 4, Menace’s Siren. She was introduced only in a very brief encounter in book 3. Just a little quirky older woman. But when I decided to write book 4, the main female character ended up becoming her granddaughter, Alannah. Well, Ms. Marie took on a life of her own! She became a fun character to write. She’s quirky, a little naughty (none of the single guys are off limits to her flirting or pats on the behind), but also, she’s got grit and doesn’t back down. She’s the one who raised Alannah and formed her underlying strength.

You’ll find book 4 was dedicated to my grandmother, Viola. Marie’s warmth, loving nature, and supportive character were influenced by my grandmother. That’s why I’m releasing the book on August 18th. That’s her birthday! However, I won’t say how old she is turning, because she’d kill me…lol

If you’re a reader looking for characters like Ms. Marie and books filled with suspense, danger, love, steamy sex, love of family, and true strength in your romance books, then my series is for you! This club might have gotten away from the one percenter life in order to survive, but they are never afraid to take things to the limit in order to protect themselves and others who need protecting, especially women and children. Every guy didn’t know he was looking for “the one” until she appears. When it happens, he does everything in his power to make her his. And God help anyone who gets in the way or threatens her or his MC family.

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