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*Book Tour & Giveaway* See Through by Brittany Taylor-GUEST POST

See Through 
by Brittany Taylor 
Genre: Rockstar Romance 


I didn't ask for it and I didn't want it. After nearly two years in the spotlight, I've learned that fame has a way of changing how the world sees you.
Somehow, my reputation had been tarnished and my manager was convinced a journalist was what I needed to show the world who I truly was.

But just like fame, I didn't ask for my story to be told. My secrets were secrets for a reason. Not even a journalist could dig deep enough to expose what I've fought so hard to protect.

Only this journalist isn't a stranger. She's the one woman I vowed to never see again. She's the one woman who saw me for who I really am.
And damn, if karma didn't have one twisted sense of humor.


"Brittany Taylor gives us an unforgettable rockstar romance with Lane and Spencer." It.s Gotta Be The Books Book Blog

"My favorite book by Brittany Taylor to date." Ashley Munoz, Author

"I loooooove rockstar romances! See Through was everything a rockstar romance should be. Spencer is the hot, tattooed rocker with the smooth as velvet voice and the poetic lyrics." A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog

"This book is OFF THE CHARTS GOOD! Literally whizzed right through the chapters!" Goodreads Reviewer

"I've read many rockstar romances but this one definitely takes it beyond just the rockstar himself..." Goodreads Reviewer 

Brittany Taylor grew up all over the world including places such as California, England and Texas. Today she resides in Connecticut with her husband, son and two cats. She loves reading, but loves writing even more. Her favorite things in life are her family, binge watching Netflix, and tacos. 


Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author? 

Hi, I’m Brittany Taylor and I write sexy, edgy romance. I write everything from dark romance to suspense to rockstar. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband who is in the Navy and we have two sons, and two cats.  

For most of my life I’ve lived all over the country, including places such as California and Texas. When I was a child I also lived in England!  

Senior year of high school I had two free periods at the end of my day where I would spend my time assisting the librarians in stocking and re-covering the books. I feel like my time there brought out my true love for books and it wasn’t long before I found myself checking out several books a week. I gravitated toward the romance genre, specifically YA at the time.  

Years later when I married my husband after he joined the Navy, we moved from Texas to Connecticut. Although I’d had gone to school to be a legal assistant and pharmacy technician, I realized my love for books was stronger than my passion for those careers. I started reading again and found myself wishing I had been the one writing those stories. It wasn’t until 2016 when my husband had bought me a new computer that I truly dove into writing my first novel, Without You.  

And from there, the rest is history. I currently have six books published and am working on the seventh. I wouldn’t trade this career for any other. I love it too much. 


What inspired you to write this book? 

When I write books, I like to try to keep a wide variety of sub genres. I will always write in the romance genre, but I don’t particularly like to stick to just one trope.  

Rockstar romance was a genre I had always wanted to write. After reading several rockstar romances myself, I started to notice that almost all rockstars were portrayed a certain way. I wanted to write my story with a fresh take. I wanted to write the rockstar romance that wasn’t particularly like the others. Therefore, Spencer Ryan was born.  


What can we expect from you in the future? 

Sometimes when I want to start a new book, I like to look at the last book I published and go from there. Last year when I had written my dark romance, Dissipate, I knew I needed to branch out in a different direction. Julian, the main character in Dissipate, was such a strong, psychologically draining character that I felt like I needed a break. After writing Dissipate, I wrote my co-written romantic comedy, What are the Chances 

After writing See Through, I knew I wanted to jump back into the series I had started with Dissipate. I was ready to go back to darker characters and more suspense. Last year I had published my romantic suspense, Back to Me, never intending for it to become a series. But then I wrote Dissipate and knew I wanted to write a third book into the series.  

I’m currently working on Mine. Mine is a psychological thriller that will take place between the events that happened in Dissipate and Back to Me, making it Book 2 in the series. Although I’m writing Book 2 in the series, all three books can be read as standalones. Usually, I write where my heart takes me and right now, Logan and Lena are shouting at me to write their story. 

Do you try to be original or to deliver readers what they want? 

In the author world I feel like it’s easy to get swept up in what the current trend is in the market. For myself, I try to aim for both pleasing my readers all the while staying true to who I am as a writer. I firmly believe that if you aren’t fully invested or if your heart isn’t in your writing, your readers won’t love it either.  

It’s like writer’s block, or what I like to call ‘creative lulls’. If I’m not feeling the story my characters are telling me, I put it aside and try to work on other things. I want my readers to get my best work and to love my stories. I feel like that can only happen if I write what comes from my heart and from staying true to myself.  

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  1. AWESOME cover, I LOVE the blurb & back story :) Is it part of a series? Who/whats next?