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*Book Tour & Giveaway* The Awakening by Kaylee Johnston-GUEST POST


The Awakening
Guardian of Spirits Book 1
by Kaylee Johnston
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Not everyone wants magic.

In a world where humans hate witches, there’s no one who hates them more than Jameson Tyler - they are the reason his mother and little sister are dead. Then one morning, he wakes to find those he’s hated for his entire life are now his only hope to understanding his new identity, his new a witch.

Jameson has to get to the witch’s side of town - a place he’s never been and has loathed his entire life - and give up everything he’s ever known before the Witch Special Forces (WSF) captures him. On top of avoiding the WSF, when his new Headmistress attacks him, things get even more complicated.
He must accept his new fate and life before being killed, letting the Magical Community fall into the wrong hands. Can Jameson put his hatred aside or will he let his prejudice destroy them all?

Kaylee is an author on YouTube who helps writers understand and conquer the Business Side of Writing. She lives with her fiancé, Russell, and her spoiled Beagle, Basset Hound, Ollie, in San Diego, CA. To learn more about her books, check out her website.


What can we expect from you in the future?

I am here for the long haul. I know a lot of authors say that and want to succeed in this industry, but I’m not just saying it. I’m actually planning for it. I’m already working on the next series I’m planning on publishing. I am working on getting those books published in late 2021 and early 2022. I hope to have a third series outlined and ready to be written as soon as I finish this new series. I am also planning on a pen name or two. I am working on getting a foothold in the Urban Fantasy genre first. Once I get a good following there, I’m going to be working on my second pen name. In the meantime, to satisfy my craving to write different types of stories, I have a Patreon where I publish a short story every month. It’s been a lot of fun because I’ve been able to write anything I want. I am definitely looking forward to all the projects I’ve got planned for the future.

How did you come up with the title of your first novel?

I thought about what exactly my main character was going through in this book. He has this

awakening to his powers and abilities, but he also has an awakening of what it means to judge others. He has to take a step back and come to terms with the fact that he has blindly hated witches for no other reason than that’s what he’s been taught. He has this big awakening about everything he’s been taught in life. I thought titling my book The Awakening was perfect.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?

My characters definitely hijack my story. In the first draft, Jameson and the crew ended up meeting this little girl who freaks out at Jameson. That’s how we first find out he’s the Guardian of Spirits. It was a pretty freaky moment, but it also didn’t fit in with the story at all. That didn’t stop my characters from hijacking plenty of other moments in the story. Some of them actually stayed, like the interaction with Jameson and his dad on the bridge. I totally didn’t plan for that to happen.

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