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Score Her Heart
Philadelphia Bulldogs Book 2
by Danica Flynn
Genre: Sports Romance

It must have been all the whiskey. It’s the only explanation for why I agreed to marry my best friend after I was left at the altar.

After burning up the sheets with him all night long, I wanted a divorce, but my new husband had other plans. He thinks we have a future together, so I granted him his request of a trial run.

I just didn’t think the Hookup King was husband material.

I’m tired of the hookup life, and tired of women who can’t handle my grueling hockey schedule. But none of those women were Fiona freaking Gallagher, my one and only love.

I only have a couple months to prove to Fi that this marriage was going to work, and I’m not about to let her go this time. I play to win, and my goal was to make sure she never took off her wedding ring.

The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. If you love a steamy friends-to-lovers, marriage of convenience romance, this one is for you.

Take the Shot
Philadelphia Bulldogs Book 1


When my husband died, I never thought I would find love again. 

I definitely didn’t think I would find it in the arms of my younger best friend. Why would the hunky hockey player want anything to do with me? I’m a stressed out writer with a lot of baggage. Any other man would say, “HARD PASS!”

But Noah was the best man I’ve ever known, and if it wasn’t for him, I might not be alive.

But am I ready to put my heart on the line again?

I’ve pined for my best friend for so long, that my teammates issued an ultimatum. 

Make your move now or one of us will ask her out.”

They are just trying to push me, besides none of those jerks would ever be good enough for her. Makes me wonder if I even stand a chance.

Besides, what would a smart woman like her want with a dumb jock like me?

Content Warning: This book deals with the death of a previous partner, miscarriage, and infertility. 

Get ready to meet The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team, in this steamy and hot standalone novel. If you love sexy sports romances and friends-to-lovers with an HEA, this book is for you! This book contains mature content such as coarse language and sexual content.

**Only .99 cents!**

Danica Flynn is a marketer by day, and a writer by nights and weekends. AKA she doesn't sleep! She is a rabid hockey fan of both The Philadelphia Flyers and the Metropolitan Riveters. When not writing, she can be found hanging with her partner, playing video games, and reading a ton of books.


Why Philadelphia Bulldogs?

So why set my hockey romance series in Philadelphia? Well, for starters, I’m from the Philly area, so it felt the most natural when writing this series to set it in a place I was familiar with. I have thought about writing a spin-off about a different hockey team in a different city, but I feel comfortable writing about this area that I’m not sure I’ll write outside of it. At least this far in my career!

So how did I come up with Bulldogs as the hockey team name? Why didn’t I just use the Flyers or something related to the city?

For one, I don’t like to use real NHL team names at all in my books. I actually created team names for the ENTIRE league! As a reader it’s jarring to me to read a hockey romance with the real team names, and I also didn’t want to get into any legal trouble. I love being able to create my own world in this way. Once I made this team into the Bulldogs, they became my own. But I will be honest, one of my hockey players’s personalities was definitely inspired by one of the Flyers. People who read the first book can figure out who that is!

So why Bulldogs? To be perfectly honest the Bulldogs name was a placeholder! I originally wanted to call them The Bruisers, but Sarina Bowen already had that. Then I was thinking maybe The Patriots, or something that related to the city’s history, but I didn’t end up liking anything! The Flyers back in the 70s had the nickname “The Broad Street Bullies.” If you’re unfamiliar with hockey, the Flyers play on Broad Street, and at the time, the team was known for fighting a lot. I thought about playing off that but it didn’t really work, so “Bullies” became “Bulldogs” and it ended up sticking.

Coming up with team names is SOOOOO hard! But I do think it’s worth it if you’re gonna write in the sports romance genre, because you make it your own.

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