Thursday, June 4, 2020

*Book Tour & Giveaway* Home Alone in the Multiverse by William C. Dell-GUEST POST

Home Alone in the Multiverse 
by William C. Dell 
Genre: Speculative Nonfiction 

One day, looking at my beer bottle the label said: "Don't Forget You're Here Forever." This book is about how that can be. We are in a multiverse of island universes floating in a boundless field. I am proposing that every single thing - large and small, animate or inanimate - is a separate universe, all strung together, alone, in an eternal multiverse. As a universe, you are here forever. 

William C. Dell is Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Montclair State University, New Jersey. His published works include metaphysics, poetry, inter-disciplinary studies, and literary criticism. 



1. I grew up in a mill town in western Pennsylvania. It was a close-knit community where everyone knew everyone else. The hills of the river valley were barren from smog. Most people lived and died there. After high school, or before, you went into the mill and worked until you couldn’t do it anymore. I knew beyond those hills were other worlds. With scholarship I made it out and landed in New York City. From there I taught university. Now, I live at the edge of a state forest and watch the bluebirds.

2. Bluebirds enchant me. I watch them from my back deck through the field and forest. Sometimes, I think they know more of me than I of them. They nest in a box just a few feet from where I sit and also on a pole not far away. Every spring they introduce their babies. We rejoice together. When they sing their song and I talk to them, the transmission is both feral and sophisticated, yet separate. We teach each other.

3.”We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

______Orson Wells

4. Thanks to Beck’s Brewery and their one-time summer edition of “Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever” as the inspiration for this book.

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